Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rearranging furniture again!

The table's a bit messy from me rearranging things and dumping them there.

I don't know if many of you know what the apartment looked like before, but this is it now. Our desktop doesn't access the internet very well from our wireless router, so I moved the computer over so I could connect it with a cable. The computer is where the tv was, the tv and bookshelf are where the loveseat was, and the loveseat is now where the computer and bookshelf were. It's a little crowded on that wall, but it works. We were really frustrated with not having the internet on that computer. Also, now we don't have to squeeze between the couches and coffee table whenever we want to walk through. We can now just walk around the table without banging our legs. Plus, Katrina can hang on to the side of the couch, like in the above picture, without me worrying about her cracking her head on the table.

Katrina has a thing with sticking her tongue out these days.

I slicked her hair down with gel and made it curl up in front. She has such crazy hair that I like to have fun sometimes!
Yuck, drool and snot. I have such a delicate little flower of a girl, don't I?


Jeff & Chels & Brooklynn said...

Tori you are amazing. I need to be more like you and get more involved in church. I am so jealous how busy you seem to be! Katrina is as cute as ever. Any chance you will be out here for the holidays???

Elise said...

Oh, what a cutie! (Sorry Adam, I don't mean you, I mean Katrina.)