Saturday, December 6, 2008

Okay, so there is internet

I lied. There is internet and phone access here. And this place is wonderful! Google "Mohonk" and you will be amazed.

Unfortunately, Katrina decided about dinner time that she had had it for the day. Lately this is her schedule--wake up around 7:30, stay awake for 1.5-2 hrs, take a 1-2 hour nap, repeat, then stay awake for about five hours until she goes to sleep at around 8:00 at night. Well today she woke from a nap at 1:30 when we stopped for lunch, so by dinner time at 6:45--yeah, she was done. Adam and I finally started alternating courses. I just ate the two appetizers and he went down for the entree. She's asleep. We almost decided to leave her here to sleep by herself, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it. The dining room is four floor and the entire length of the place away. Oh, and I've gone back and forth through these hallways enough that I don't need to worry about not getting enough exercise with all the food I'm eating!

Did I mention this place is amazing? It's the sort of place Stephen King hangs out at (I heard he was here a few weeks ago). That's ironic because Adam thinks it looks like the place from "The Shining." :] We had to dress up to go down to dinner. It's fun to get all fancy. We even put Katrina in a dress. Not that she appreciated it, but everyone who saw her oohed and ahhed, and that's what's most important, right?

We have a lakeside view. I am sitting in this little alcove window seat thing around the corner from where Katrina's portable crib is. There's an ice skating pavilion all lit up on the other side of the lake that is beautiful. They have Christmas lights up too. Every time the wind blows I feel it through the window, but that's all right. Every room that I've been in is so beautiful and unique. Ours is really large. Adam's parents' is smaller but with a gorgeous fireplace and furniture. His grandma's room has a balcony.

I'm not sure what we'll do tonight and tomorrow, especially since we have to do things in shifts. Plus, we didn't think to bring swimsuits, so we can't make use of the spa. But there is plenty to do and I'm sure it will be great fun!

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