Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nothing much

Okay, usually if I don't post I'm busy, but this time it's because I'm so not busy it's, well, boring. I actually had a fun day on Monday because I had the car, so I did lots of errands and brought Adam and his coworkers shakes. But yesterday was dull as dirt and today's looking the same. I'm working on a Christmas present on our desktop, which has spotty access to the internet, so I'm walking back and forth between the computers whenever I lose patience waiting for things to load.

Funny/not-actually-that-funny story: I wish my friend good luck on her upcoming trip to Asia and ask her if it's a service trip or a ministry trip or something. She writes back thanking me but saying sorry she has to delete my comment, in case the wrong authorities see and get the wrong idea. Yikes! I love freedom of religion in this country.

Here's a look at our photoshoot from last week. Did I mention before that Katrina absolutely refused to smile? We were happy that she at least wasn't crying, but the photographer seemed pretty bummed that she couldn't get a smiling picture.

Katrina just pushed over the trash can while rolling around on the floor, so I better go clean up. Hope you all like the pictures. This is what she'll be wearing for my sister's wedding next month, just with a black jacket.

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