Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No voice

I hope you all enjoyed Adam posting. Hopefully he'll post more often!

I am enduring a winter cold. The congestion isn't as bad as normal, but my throat is quite sore. I came down with it at Mohonk and it has persisted. Luckily, a couple of ibuprofen a couple times a day takes the swelling and pain down. Unfortunately, my voice is almost completely gone. I have been speaking primarily in whispers yesterday and today. This could be problematic because I am singing in a Christmas quartet in a week and a half. We'll see if I'm better by the practice on Sunday. The last time I remember losing my voice was when I first started dating Adam. I'm sure hearing my raspy voice gives him little sentimental tingles.

Last night we put Katrina to bed at 6:30. Adam had scout Roundtable at 7:30 and was reluctant to leave me in the semi-coherent state I was in. I made the decision for him by falling asleep on the couch. I woke up when he came home a few hours later and he helped me move to the bedroom. By 10:30 I was asleep again. Plus, Katrina made it all through the night without a feeding. So we all stayed in bed until almost 8:00 this morning. Why so sleepy? I have no idea. I'm not as sleepy today, but I'm moving around at a pretty slow pace. Yesterday I at least unpacked, put up Christmas lights, and did a few other things. Today I've draped a garland over our food cabinets and that's about all.

So I'm back to my favorite worthless pasttime while Katrina naps--looking for a house to buy. We are locked into this apartment for another six months, but I like to look around and make lists. Then, in six months, if we want to actually buy a house, I'll have a nice handy list of available houses. With this economy, it's not unlikely that many of these houses will still be on the market.
Too bad houses aren't like art. I just bought two large pieces of art on eBay for $.99. They are fairly pretty and will look nice once they are stretched and framed. If I could buy a house on eBay, that would be cool.

I would buy this house in King of Prussia:

It's beautiful on the inside and only about $30,000 out of our price range! I'll take that for $.99, thank you very much.


Elise said...

Good taste in art, Tori! And actually that type of thing seems to be very "in" right now, especially the colors.

So sorry you're sick. It sounds like Adam is the perfect nurse though. :)

lizkachu said...

My voice has been gone since Mohonk too. I'm finally feeling almost "normal" today.... i can speak a little louder. :)

Hope you feel better soon.