Thursday, December 4, 2008

Moving things around

I was in quite the mood last night and Adam decided to make me feel better by rearranging the bedroom furniture for me. I've been wanting to move the bed for a little while because it is right underneath the window and I freeze every morning when I nurse the baby. Instead, I try to nurse her lying down so I can be under blankets, but that's not as comfortable and it takes me longer to wake up fully. Wow, what a difference moving things around makes! I've always liked to change things up periodically, and this was definitely a good change. Suddenly there is room on the sides of the bed! I also moved my sewing area to the corner, which frees up some more space. We have a huge room--11' x 17', so it's not as if it didn't have space before. But I really like this new arrangement. Plus, last night I even turned the heat down because I was actually too warm.

Now I just need to take care of the three gigantic piles taking up all the floor room. Pile #1 looms in front of the closet and consists of all of my stuff that has been worn but can be reworn before being washed. Pile#2 is next to Adam's side of the bed and is make up of his dirty clothes, clothes to be reworn, some clean clothes, camping gear... Yeah, I think I'll let him tackle that one. Pile #3 is in front of the dresser and has all but one of the last 4-5 loads of laundry that I've done. The other load is on the floor in Katrina's room, where I have even already organized it into little piles of similar items, I just haven't put it in her hanging shelves in the closet. After all, it's so much easier to pick out clothes when they're all spread out on the floor rather than stuffed into a little shelf! :]

Now that we don't have the window right behind the bed, I think I need to find something to go above it, rather than just a huge stretch of blank wall. I could do what my parents did--they had a framed knife that my uncle got for them hanging above their bed, but then again, they had to move it eventually because they lived in California and had to worry about earthquakes.

Oh my goodness, she just woke up from her first nap and is doing her ear-piercing (and in this case, monitor-piercing) shriek that she spends half her time doing lately. I might buy earplugs, since a muzzle isn't humane.

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