Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of the year, wow.

Guess who is learning new tricks? Little Miss Katrina is starting to try to pull herself up on things. And if I set her against her toy bin, she can hold on!

Someone is quite proud of herself.
Look, Mom, one hand!
Is pulling up supposed to come before crawling? She still is making no progress there. In fact, she seems to have gone backwards. If she ends up on her stomach, she cries and flails as if she doesn't know how to roll over. Then she tries to roll and gets stuck on her flailing arms and cries more. Then she tries to lift up her knees, and I hold my breath in anticipation, and then she pushes her self backwards. Scooting backwards is legitimate progress, but she is always so sad by this point that I rescue her.

I have been feeding her finger foods for the last week and she seems to love it. Cheerios and cheese are definitely a winner. Today I gave her some canned fruit cocktail and it was not as much of a hit. Too slippery. I have to only give her a few pieces at a time because otherwise she'll stuff her mouth full and then pieces fall out...yuck. We're learning, together.

Adam is excited about a new idea of his. One of his coworkers suggested that he bike to work each day. This did not excite me as much, because it already takes us 15 minutes to get there in the car, ten if traffic is perfect. Plus I know how narrow these roads are and I don't want him cycling on them. But actually, he figured out the mileage and it might be faster to bike than drive. I remembered that there is a nice trail near us that goes most of the way to his work. The trail is 2.5 miles long and the rest of the way is about half a mile. So it's only 3 miles to his work. Not bad! I think we'll spend the next couple of months acquiring all of his cycling requirements. Maybe by springtime he can be riding his bike to work everyday and leaving the car with me!

Speaking of my wonderful husband, I'm really proud of him because he started playing trumpet again. I think he was inspired by the amazing trumpet player at the Messiah. He picked up his trumpets and gear from his parents' house and has been practicing it almost every night. At first, I will admit, it was pretty awful. Then the second night he was already playing scales, and now his blats are few and far between. Apparently he was pretty awesome at the trumpet in high school but after his mission, he had some oral surgery that changed his teeth and interfered with how he played. So I think it's been about six years since he last played. I'm really proud of him for picking it back up and working so hard. Maybe next year he'll be the amazing trumpet player in the Messiah!

Here he is playing with his muting system. He hears himself like normal in his earphones and I hear a very muted version. Katrina probably can't hear it at all in the other room. It makes me want to buy the kind of practice mute for violin that makes it super quiet.

We're moving furniture around again. We bought a tv stand off of Craigslist and I picked it up yesterday. As large as our trunk is, I couldn't fit it in entirely. I got to drive the ten or so miles back home on windy back roads with my trunk held closed with a piece of string, plus Katrina was crying the whole time in the back seat. Talk about nerves! I got it home safely and lugged it single-handedly into our apartment. We set it up last night and switched things around a little in the living room. Our next goal is to buy a dresser or two for our room, put the dresser we have there into Katrina's room, put the keyboard and music stuff into our room so we can actually use it while she's sleeping, and I think that's all. Anyway, we have big plans. The only problem will be transporting any dresser we buy on Craigslist back to our apartment.

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Oh my goodness Tori she is growing up too fast. She's so cute. How are you? Do you have another email so I can invite you to read my blog? My address is
I sure do miss you! LOVE!!