Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good thing I like my room

We really lucked out in how spacious our room is. We spend an awful lot of time here while Katrina naps and sleeps at night. Right now she is "napping" (screeching and playing with a toy), Adam is taking a soothing hot bath in our claw-foot tub, and I am snuggled into the bed and listening to the wind howl outside. We just went iceskating and it was fun, though freezing. The rink is in a pavilion, so we were still outside. Oh man, I am so bad at skating. Here are three things conspiring against me:

1. My shoes were too big, so I was constantly gripping my ties tight
2. I have really weak ankles. I have turned my right ankle so many times that I rarely wear heels anymore
3. It's been maybe ten years since I last skated.

So I went around once, hugging the wall. I had to be convinced to try again later, so I pushed around one of those chairs (I hid my face with my scarf because I was so embarrassed) and then gripped Adam's hand for another turn around the rink. After that, I headed back to the room to find that Katrina hadn't actually fallen asleep. Good thing her Nana James was happy to babysit both children and they enjoyed playing together in the Pack-N-Play. I was sure she would sleep this time, but I still can hear her babbling and screeching. Tonight we're doing dinner in shifts, Adam at 6:00 and me at 7:00. That way it won't be the fiasco it was last night. Oh wow, that is another funny story, in a "I'm just glad I didn't go crazy" kind of way.

One thing that everyone else did today that I wish I could have done was hike up to an overlook that's less than a mile away. I stayed with Katrina and napped along with her. She woke up three times last night and the last time I laid awake for an hour, so I was pretty beat.

Well, after this I think I will go soothe my super-sore throat with some afternoon tea.

So this wind is so strong and our room is kind sticking out of the corner of the building, so I can feel the building swaying a bit. Plus, there's this little winding staircase next to our room that leads up somewhere mysterious, and every time the wind blows the door at the top opens and then slams closed. It'd be so creepy at night! I tried going up it earlier today, but I could hear someone moving around inside, so I chickened out. One time in Russia, several of us snuck up to the attic of a church we were visiting. That sounds so much more sacriligous that it actually was, I promise! It was in the middle of being renovated.

Anyway, I might go assuage my curiousity about what's behind that door.

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Elise said...

Yay! Sounds like you're having fun. I am really glad you have the internet there. This way we get more details than if you had just talked about it afterwards!