Friday, December 19, 2008

Eight months old

So these days I'm hard at work on finishing up a Christmas present. Other than that, not much is going on. I'm reading a book for bookclub, Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke. So I thought I'd write a little about what's going on with Katrina lately. This is helpful for me because I lost two months of my baby journal when my computer died last month and haven't started a new one.

Katrina turned eight months old on Sunday. She is somewhere around 18-19 lbs and I assume around 26-27 inches long. She's pretty average, I think. Not a whole lot has changed in the last month, but she is developing greater independence and interacting more. Motor-skills-wise, she still can't do anything more than sit, roll, and stand with support, but she's a lot better at all of those things. In fact, I sit down on the floor and put her next to me against the couch, and she's content staying there for a really long time, as long as I give her toys to play with and fix her legs when she starts to do the splits. She doesn't really cruise yet, but she can creep a little. Today I started her out about a foot from me and twice she ended up supporting herself on my shoulder instead of the couch, so somehow she creeped over to me.

I'm adding a third meal to her diet. In the mornings she eats cereal and two fruits, and at night she has cereal and two veggies. Now I'm giving her some Yobaby yogurt in the middle of the day. Remember how I said I was weaning her off of her 11:00 meal? Well, I wasn't too comfortable with that after all, so I just have switched from nursing her and then feeding her solids to the other way around. I think she also only nurses four times during the day, now. Because of the price of produce and the issue of buying what's in season, I have been trying to puree canned fruit and veggies. It works fairly well. I just have to make sure I buy food with no added salt or sugar. She likes canned fruit just fine, but merely tolerates the canned vegetables. Oh, and she doesn't let me eat anymore in front of her unless I give share with her or feed her her meals at the same time. Grr. I have to sneak snacks in the kitchen or eat during her naps, otherwise she shrieks at me. I've tried hiding food from her and eating it, but once she sees it, she knows it's there!

At night, she has largely stopped being fed at 11:00. She still wakes sometimes, but usually falls back asleep by herself or after I go in and hold her. She now wakes up at 4 or 5. Yuck. But a couple days a week she actually sleeps through the night, so I know we're making progress. I still feel very blessed that she slept 12 hours each night starting at 2.5 months and did that until 5.5 months. I'm sure that's why I'm still sane. During the days she finally is napping only twice, one nap an hour long and the other two hours, usually.

She is much more giggly than ever before. On the other hand, she doesn't smile as easily at other people. She most definitely favors her grandparents and family over strangers and people at church. She's not really going through stranger anxiety, more like stranger concern. But I left her with a complete stranger (to her) last Saturday for four hours and she was fine. I'm anxious about how she'll react next month at my sister's wedding with all of the new family members and excitement.

And that's about all. I still try to get her to say "Mama," but that's the surest way to get her to babble "Dada" back at me! She's so cute. Oh, and her hair on top is getting longer and forming a natural mohawk. It's pretty remarkable, actually! Oh, and she still only has two teeth on the bottom.

Our plans for the weekend are to go to Washington DC tomorrow to see the lights at the temple visitor's center and do a little temple work. We're meeting Adam's family later on. After I survive Sunday's Christmas program, we're heading to Jersey. Should be lots of fun! Adam went to the doctor yesterday because his cough has worsened and they gave him some strong cough medicine and antobiotics, so we hope he gets better.

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Elise said...

I like these baby updates :). Sounds like she's bright and thriving!