Saturday, December 13, 2008

Busy, busy day

Let me describe my awfully busy day:

8:00-drive to the church with Adam to drop him off at a scout shooting activity. Drive home and take shower.
9:30-Take Katrina to my visiting teacher and head to the church for the Messiah dress rehearsal
10:00-find out that the rehearsal really started at 9:00, and instead of going until noon like it was supposed to, it would probably go til 1:00. Called my vt to tell her. Spend three hours realizing I'm not nearly well-enough prepared.
1:00-Go home
1:30-Pick up Katrina, head back to the church to pick up Adam at 2:00
2:00-arrive at the church right as Adam calls to say he won't be there for an hour. Freak out.
2:10- Call parents to get them to look up the number for JCPenneys photo department. Find out that our appt was really at 3:00, not 3:30 like I thought. Change appointment to 4:00.
2:15- Adam calls back to say they'll drop him off at our apartment, so I can go home from my third trip to the church in one day.
2:45- get home, feed and dress the baby
3:45-leave for the King of Prussia mall (largest mall in America)
4:00-drive around fruitlessly looking for a parking spot, since it is one of the last big shopping days before Christmas. Adam drops me off.
4:10-get accosted by a salesperson because my hair was straightened and she wanted to sell me a better one. Had to physically struggle away from her finally.
5:30-get done with pictures, head to Verizon to try to buy a new phone to replace Adam's which went through the wash. They don't sell phones under $200 and their best advice is to "put it in a bag of rice" to try and soak up the moisture or look on eBay.
-Get home, watch Wall-E, relax. Skip ward Christmas party to avoid a fourth trip to the church.

Tomorrow I have choir practice before church, quartet practice after, and I have to be at the church at 5:00 for the Messiah at 7:00. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Hopefully I'll have time to feed Katrina sometime during all of that, as well as practice violin somewhere in there.

Can you tell that I'm a little overwhelmed? I just want this whole Messiah thing to be over. At the same time, it can be fun and during the Hallelujah chorus today I teared up a little while playing.

One last thing. We got a Christmas bonus! We're going to be responsible and use the majority of it for necessary, worthwhile things, but we're trying to figure out something small to splurge on. Any ideas?

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Amanda said...

Seriously, what is up with the hair straightener people in the malls this month??? They're crazy!!!