Monday, December 29, 2008

Blog stats

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As the new year approaches, I thought I would sum up our blog in the last year. Well, we only started keeping track in March and there are no stats for most of July because I changed the blog look and forgot to update Google Analytics. But here you go:

4,787 visits

1,422 absolute unique visitors

70% of the visits were returning visitors, 30% were new.

Our blog averages 16 visits/day. On August 6 we received 52 visitors (I must have made a particular witty comment on Babycenter or something).

96% of visitors are from the United States, however we have received visitors from 44 other countries. Some of the cooler/more random countries are Pakistan, Malaysia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Malawi, Iceland, Serbia, Israel, and I seem to have some readers in Spain and the Philippines. Hello there! Hope you like my blog! My brother speaks Tagalog!

27% of visitors are from Utah. Pennsylvania is next, and then Virginia, and then New York and California. Those all make sense because I know several people in all of those states. Well, except New York. I'm not sure who lives there. Maybe someone I only know virtually. What's cool is that I have had visits from every state!

A lot of our traffic is direct traffic or comes through Facebook and Babycenter. Much of it comes through my friends blogs. All of those make sense. However, we have over fifty visits from Adam's LinkedIn profile. Bet you didn't know that, huh, honey? Also, there's a whole bunch of visits to see my fabric barn that I made because I linked to the person's blog and she linked back to mine for her other readers to see.

You can also see some of the search terms that people used that led them to your blog. "Katrina Marie James" and variants of "James Family Blog" make sense. But "hippo pajamas" and "routan baby" brought a bunch of visits. I'm a little confused over "quivering lip violin playing," "how to make weed cupcakes," "how to stop your shih tzu from crying on a night," "pictures of inequality of men and women,""schnullerkette selber machen," and "when husbands boss their wives around and don't let them think." ??? I can kind of understand how my blog popped up on some of those searches, but how the heck did those last two searches lead people here?

I enjoy looking at these statistics, and I hope you all do too! Now go to and get your own blog set up so you can keep track of things this next year!

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Elise said...

This was very interesting to read! It makes me want to enable the google searches to find my blog. I had it disabled. . .but it sure would be interesting to see how people get there!