Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to blogging

Like I've said before, if I suddenly drop out of the blogosphere, it's usually because I'm having fun or being productive (sometimes both!). So I'm back. (Thanks, Elise, for the prodding! :])

Hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving! We sure did. It felt like we went away on a vacation, even though we were only an hour away from home and Adam went to work for half the day on Friday. We stayed in New Jersey for four days and three nights and relaxed with Adam's family. Saturday we helped them put up Christmas decorations and then drove back home, where we put up our Christmas tree, stockings, and Christmas decoration. Yes, the singular is appropriate there. :] We still need to decorate outside, but there's not much we can do. We have one strand of lights and a shiny garland that we may just wrap around our table and chairs. Also, courtesy of my mother, who hates to spend money on shipping and so sends Christmas presents home with relatives anytime they visit, we even have presents under the tree (from our move at the end of May--yes, she is efficient!). Oh, and I finally found two pairs of shoes that I thought had been lost in the move. Nope, they were just in the box with the Christmas presents. I took pictures of our tree and will post them as soon as I take the time to move them from the camera.

So today I have been doing some online browsing and even shopping. Everything for Christmas is now taken care of except the --

Oops. I was so busy blogging that I missed the end of the auction for the item on eBay I was watching. Dang it. Oh well. The end price was higher than I wanted to spend anyway. I have enough of a Amazon gift certificate left that I can get it cheaper there. Still, oops.

So yeah, I just need to buy Adam's present and something for my twelve-year-old nephew. My family has several Christmas lists. All growing up my siblings and I drew names so that we didn't have to buy gifts for all six siblings, just one. Now we've increased that list to include the next generation, so Adam and Katrina and I bought gifts for one of my brothers, one niece, and one nephew. Also, my dad's side of the family has a cousin list and so we bought a gift for my sixteen-year-old cousin.

Oo, this weekend we're going to this resort in New York to celebrate my husband's grandmother's 80th birthday. We're very excited and it should be a lot of fun. Several family members are flying in, some who I haven't met, I think. So this weekend, while you are all doing your normal stuff, imagine me ice skating, curling, and horseback riding. :] Okay, that was mean. I'm sure all of you will have just as much fun as me, just not at a cool resort. :]
Katrina really blossomed while we were in New Jersey. She started babbling a lot more, not just to me and sometimes Adam. She mostly just repeats "Dada" over and over, but I keep telling her, "No, mama. Mama." She also rolls all over the place now. She doesn't really use rolling as a means of transportation, just as a way to get toys or to see people better, or just to amuse herself. For instance, today I put her on the floor while browing eBay and in the next half an hour or so she ended up over by the high chair in the dining room, back under the tree, back to me, over to the couch, back to me. It is very exciting. She also claps her feet together a lot and it sounds just like she's clapping her hands. She continues to whack at people and things and gets great amusement from it. Adam thought I was burping her the other day when she was slapping my arm repeatedly. She has always enjoyed jewelry, especially my wedding ring, but she also unfortunately has discovered my earrings too. She also doesn't smile so indiscriminately anymore. She'll give smiles to me and Adam, Adam's family, and a few people at church, but that's all. Oh, and she was playing with a little kid the other day at church who is just two weeks older than her. He is this little petite thing that crawls all over the place, and compared to him she looked like a great pudgy tortoise stuck on it's back. It was cute. I love watching her interact with other little kids. She smiles so much at them.
Anyway, I need to go deliver the rent check, and then check up on all the blogs I usually read. Hope everyone is having a great day!


Shalyse said...

I love reading your blog most out of all of the blogs on my list! I love your writing style and you write very well. Also, Katrina is such a sweet little girl that I wish we lived closer that our babies could hang out together! Ah, maybe someday we will be around in your neck of the woods and we'll have to stop by! Love you Tori! P.S. Did you take pictures of the Diaper cake you made? I want to see it. I was going to post pictures of the two I did so maybe others will try to make THE BEST BABY SHOWER GIFT EVER! I am pretty sure I had more fun making yours than you had taking all of the rubber bands off! :) Well, you are great! Does Adam miss working at CFHG? I am pretty sure I am going to love moving away from Utah, except for the mountains, I wish I could bring them. Oh, and I wanted to say that I love the picture you posted here! Beautiful: Christmas, Katrina, Mommy--Love it!

Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

AAAACK.......the cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!