Monday, December 8, 2008

Back home

Here is a slideshow of the pictures I took at Mohonk. Here is the link if you want to see them larger. Most are of our room and its views or of Katrina. I wish I gone around the inside and taken pictures, but I didn't. Oh well. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Today we stayed in Mohonk until 2:30 and then drove home. It took about three hours. Wow, were we spent. Even though Katrina slept all through the night with only one feeding at 11:30, and even though we went to bed at 10:30 and she didn't wake up until 8, we were exhausted. Unfortunately for Adam, he has another licensing exam tomorrow, so he has to study a lot tonight. Katrina's in bed, I'm blogging, and I'm betting it will be an early night. Fun weekend. I loved spending time with Adam's family. Altogether there were I think eleven adults and two kids. I got to see Adam's oldest sister for I think only the third time, and also his uncle and his wife and daughter. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with all of them.

And tomorrow it's back to the daily grind for everyone. Well, normal life for me isn't much of a grind, more of a coast from nap to feeding to nap with an occasional stop to clean something or make dinner. And since we left with a clean house, I don't have to do much! Katrina may be disappointed to be back to her normal mush that I feed her for solids. I think she enjoyed gnawing on honeydew, canteloupe, steak, green beans, etc. The funniest moment was when she didn't want to drop either of the spoons she was holding, and so she tried to just open her mouth wide and bite the honeydew off of the edge of the table. Adam and I and the Russian couple at the next table couldn't stop laughing.

P.S. Oh, and I had to come back and add--I finally went up the little winding flight of stairs next to our room and it leads up to the roof! The sounds that I heard that sounded like someone moving around were really just the windows moving around in the wind. I asked an employee to lock it so it would stop banging. The wind was so gusty last night and if the hotel hadn't been full of people and well-staffed, it would have been as scary as a murder mystery.

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Elise said...

Did you get to talk to the Russian couple in Russian? Were you rusty?