Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend wrap-up

Well, I haven't won any giveaways yet, but I'm keeping my hopes up. At least I found a lot of cute stores with handy baby products and pretty jewelry (or both--one store sold "teething bling," or jewelry that is made for babies to be able to chew on!).

I just got back from the second Messiah rehearsal. There is a feeling of fulfillment and contentment I get from playing violin (and playing it well!) that I don't get from anything else, not even playing piano or singing. I haven't played with many orchestras in my life, but I've played with enough to tell that this one is unusually good for a church orchestra. The orchestra went from three violinists and two cellists last week to five first violins, six second violins, one viola, three cellists, and one string bass. We met together with the brass and woodwinds at the end and they were pretty sparse still, but the string section is going to be really strong. I also went from being one of the stronger players to one of the weaker first violins, but that doesn't surprise me, since I'm so rusty. However, I'm not as rusty as I originally feared, and I can tell that with practice I'll be just fine. I'm a really good sightreader, so right now I'm relying mostly on that, and as I practice I'll improve in general. I just felt really good as I left and drove home. I love music. I sang during choir practice before church and enjoyed that, and I played piano for two hours straight while the primary practiced for the primary program, and I (mostly) enjoyed that. I am really looking forward to performing with all of these groups.

On Friday we headed down to Jersey for a Halloween party with Adam's family. Their kitchen is getting a new ceiling, so we laughed a little at the makeshift pantry (a box), refrigerator (a mini-fridge), trashcan (plastic bag), and oven (crockpot). They appreciated our wontons sufficiently and everyone enjoyed dressing up, even though there weren't many kids that came trick-or-treating. Then the fun began. Katrina didn't want to go to sleep or stay asleep. She was in a small crib with us in the guest room and screamed and screamed. It's a lot harder to ignore her when you're in the same room! We were also concerned she would keep everyone else awake. Basically, she woke up screaming every two hours. We felt like limp spaghetti all day Saturday! I went to a baby shower Saturday night and impressed everyone with my diaper cake that I made. Thanks Shalyse for making me one for my baby shower! I still had all of the rubber bands and I save ribbons, so making it was easy. I planned on buying accessories for it, but then I kept finding unused pacifiers, socks, a bib, and a few samples that I haven't used. Wha-la! I didn't have to spend a cent on it!

Katrina did make up for being such a bad baby by sleeping straight through the night last night for the first time in weeks. She did crash an hour early tonight, so she's still on Daylight Savings Time. I think I am too. Maybe I'll start actually going to bed at a decent time!

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween and is enjoying Fall. I'm married to one of the world's biggest Christmas fans, and I rather like it myself, so we're already listening to Christmas music. I don't really like how the stores all are full of Christmas stuff, and I don't like it when radio stations play corny Christmas music non-stop, but I definitely am getting excited. Anyway, have a great week!

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Shalyse said...

Awesome! I am glad you made a diaper cake. It was such a big hit at your shower that I made another for another friend that just had a baby. Did you take a picture of it? If so, I'd love to see how it turned out! I didn't win anything either for at least 50 of those contests I entered. Dang! Oh well!