Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend catchup

When I don't blog for awhile, it usually means I'm having lots of fun. I went down to New Jersey on Friday to spend the day with Adam's family. This was kind of a big deal because I don't really like driving. I feel like a huge wimp for saying that, but it makes me nervous. I was much more confident when I drove regularly, but ever since I went to college and didn't have a car, my driving confidence has dramatically decreased. Jersey is abour an hour and three highways away, so I was nervous, but even with rainy driving conditions, I was just fine. Adam was battling his third day of a nasty virus but decided to drag himself to work anyway. He came home with his dad later in the day and we decided to spend the night, even though Katrina has historically hated the portable crib. We were very happy that she ended up sleeping in it without problem and only woke once.

After a fun weekend, we headed home by way of a certain town a few miles away from us that has affordable houses. We checked out a townhouse that looked great on the internet but were disheartened to find that the neighborhood was a little ghetto. In fact, the whole town was. It looks like we'll just stay in these apartments indefinitely because we live in a much nicer neighborhood and have all new appliances anyway.

I think our trip was too much too soon for Adam, unfortunately, because his cold/possibly flu came back really strongly last night and he was too sick to go to church this morning. He was pretty weak, so I took Katrina with me to church. She sat happily on the floor during choir practice, then got super tired and to make a long story short: the nice young couple watching her didn't really get to enjoy the Primary Program. But I was able to play for the Primary kids without worrying about her and I think I did very well. I even played octaves in the left hand for the chorus of "Called to Serve" when the congregation came in. During Primary she was sooo tired, so I ended up nursing her behind the piano to put her to sleep, and then putting her on the floor. She slept for a little while, even with me playing!

By the time I came home I was exhausted. Adam made dinner and I'm pretty sure that I am going to wake up tomorrow sick myself. I hope not.

Oh, and I made some shoes for Katrina yesterday that ended up really cute. I found them from the sewer's blog Sew Mama Sew. They have a handmade holidays thing each year and I found some really cute ideas, including the gift I'm going to make for my nephew. I'll take a picture of the shoes and post them tomorrow.

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