Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Torturing my baby

Is it bad that I played violin for over half an hour today while Katrina cried? She didn't really scream...much. For a little while she even calmed down completely and played with her toys, but by the end she was crying again. I don't want her to cry, but I need to practice! I missed Messiah practice on Sunday because we didn't have enough gas in the car, so I especially needed to go through those pieces. I also wanted to try out the arrangement I made of "O Holy Night."

Bad news. It sounded really bad. Well, not really bad, but definitely not good. I did better at the end when my fingers were warmed up, but I'm just not as good as I used to be, so double stops and nimble fingerings are harder. I really need to work on this if I want it to be good. The music director has a version of "Silent Night" that I can play too, so I think I'll ask her to give me the music for that on Sunday. Oh well. It was fun. I would like to be able to practice it until I can do it, but how can I when every time I practice Katrina is absolutely miserable?

I cut a feeding for Katrina. Typically I nurse her and then feed her some solids, like the baby sites tell me to do, but I've decided that for her 11:00 am meal, I'm just going to feed her solids and that's all. I know that's not a big deal, but to me it feels like the first step to weaning her, which is a little sad. I like nursing, and I like her being little. It's bittersweet watching children develop and grow. I also ran out of rice cereal, so I tried grinding up oats in my blender and it worked surprisingly well. Tonight we'll try that. I might also try grinding up rice. This whole making my own baby food is surprisingly easy and gratifying.


Momza said...

Hi Tori,
Katrina is so cute! Thanks for always sharing your "mommy" stuff! Just one tiny bit of advice tho', make sure she gets liquid with her cereal, if you're not nursing her, otherwise she will get constipated. She needs that liquid in her diet.
You're a great mommy! Hang in there!

Jolena said...

I think it's cool that you're making your own baby food. How cool is that?! Good luck with the violin playing. I'm betting she'll get used to it over time and actually eventually like it. I mean seriously, who wouldn't love the violin after they've heard it for awhile. Maybe her ears are just sensitive and they need to get a little tougher. :) Keep at it!