Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Season of thanks

We just got home from an interfaith service hosted at our church. I sang in the choir and Adam supervised the scouts in guiding parking and accepting the turkey donations. We wanted to cook a turkey and donate it with our free turkey coupon, but somehow we misplaced the coupon or threw it away! In the past few weeks, and especially after the service tonight, my heart is really full of gratitude for my blessings and a desire to help others. I have been looking around for some way to give this year and I think I have found it in the form of the homeless center that the donations were for tonight. The director of the center spoke a little about how the demands are so high right now and on top of that, a Neo-Nazi group has been threatening them and since a cache of weapons was recently found, the threats are likely not idle. I really wish we had the resources to take one of these poor people into our home.

It made me think a lot about service. In the Church, we serve willingly and put a lot of time, money, and effort into building the kingdom of God. But we so often just live with blinders on to the service needs outside the church. It is so much easier to cook a meal for a sister in the ward who just had a baby than to volunteer at a soup kitchen. If we want to help people, we can just up our fast offering by a few dollars to help those in our ward who are in need, or contribute money to the Church's humanitarian fund. Then we go on our way, content with what we have done. I felt really inspired tonight to go beyond that this holiday season and look for other ways to serve. Money is tight for us too, but that's really our own choice because of our desire to pay off our debts as quickly as possible. We have a secure livelihood and even with how much we are scaling down Christmas and other expenses, I think I can still find some extra to help others. And even if I can't donate much monetarily, surely there is some way that I can donate food or time or something.

So anyway, it was a good service and I hope to remember that feeling of gratitude and the desire to serve throughout this season.


Anna said...

If you have time to elaborate, why are these Neo-Nazis targeting a homeless shelter?

Tori said...

I think because a lot of the people in the shelter are black, and according to the director, the people giving threats say that they blame them for electing Obama. There was a bomb scare this past weekend!

Elise said...

You have some nice thoughts here; I enjoyed reading this post.

That is way too bad about the bomb scares and the weapons and all of that. Why can't people just leave people alone!!!