Monday, November 3, 2008


I decided that I need to be more sure of my vote. Right now I feel very apathetic and am experiencing election overload. Still, tomorrow is a very important election, so I want to feel like I am confident in my vote, not just voting for a lesser of two evils or for some other lame reason.

So, I did what I do best, and created an Excel spreadsheet. I opened up internet tabs with the websites of the three major candidates--Obama, McCain, and Bob Barr (Libertarian). I then spent Katrina's entire two and a half hour nap slogging through each candidate's stance on the issues that I care about. I made little asterisks on my spreadsheet under the columns of each candidate who I agreed with their stance or at least most of their stance.

Bob Barr says some great things, but he doesn't go into any detail at all. I like a lot of what he says, but he's rather extremist and I don't agree with his views of marriage. Obama hurt himself for me by going into too much detail; it was really easy to get depressed by how much the government would be spending under him. Since I tend to see the government as a mire of regulation, red tape, and inefficiency (just you try to get your last name changed or get your license at the DMV and not think the same thing!), I didn't like that. McCain has the opposite problem. He didn't give enough details and used vague wording, which makes me suspicious. So where am I left?

I read in depth about eight issues, and the final tally was this: Bob Barr- three, Obama- three, McCain- five. Not exactly the results I was hoping for. I still feel really pessimistic. Adam and I are discussing everything for Family Home Evening tonight. I really wish I could feel confident in the candidate I ultimately decide to vote for.

The positive side is this: if Obama wins, the United States will have elected its first black president, which is awesome. If McCain wins, the U.S. will have elected a woman into the White House, which is way cool, even if it's just as VP. See, there's always a bright side to everything! :]

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