Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pink hippopotamus pajamas

This was my project for today. (Sorry for the cell phone picture, but my camera batteries are once again uncharged). I finally finished the three-part sewing project that I began several months ago! This is exactly the same as the green cow pattern pajamas, just with little pink hippos. I cut it out last week and today spent about four-five hours sewing and pounding in snaps. Everything went smoothly and I didn't have to call my mother or mother-in-law for help! The only thing that went wrong was that I put the snaps in backwards, meaning I switched the male and female parts. But that's not a problem because they still snap properly. I also discovered that my machine likes to eat knits, but I always got it to spit the material back out. This time I actually sewed each seam twice and snipped the seams, which I didn't do before because I was so excited to get them done. I'm very happy to have another pair of pajamas since we only have two others and one of them got soiled badly this morning, grr.

Adam was still feeling super sick today, but finally decided to go to work. His boss has the flu, so we think it could be that. I didn't have enough time to feed the baby before taking him, so I scrapped my plans to go down to Jersey and am going tomorrow. In retrospect, and not in a fog of sleepiness, I could have driven him and fed Katrina afterwards. She probably wouldn't have minded waiting. Oh well. We'll see if we can get to bed before 1:00 am tonight. That will help. We're trying to get Katrina out of the habit of waking up three hours after bedtime every single night. It almost worked last night, because after only ten minutes of crying she fell back asleep, but then she woke right back up and I had to feed her after all after midnight. Luckily she fell back asleep easily every other time she woke up, but we still had a hard time getting up, even sleeping in until 8:30.

Update on the baby food I made--the oatmeal was a resounding failure. I might try it again mixed with breastmilk or with hot water (and then letting it cool down), but the way I fed it to her, it was just this congealed mass of grossness. So I bought some multi-grain stuff and she likes that infinitely better than the oatmeal or rice cereal. Green beans--success at first, but pretty much a failure now; applesauce--success; strawberries--failure. Hey, it's a fun experiment at least!

Oh, and I wanted to share the dinner I made last night, because I'm proud that I made it up myself.
Chicken Bacon Ranch Burgers
-slice two chicken breasts in half and cook in a pan
-cook four pieces of bacon
-open four hamburger buns on a cookie sheet and spread lightly with ranch dressing
-broil the buns for a few minutes
-place chicken on one side of bun, bacon on the other, and drizzle lightly with ranch dressing
-close buns and enjoy sandwich

Doesn't that sound good? Adam loved it and I plan to make it again in the future. Next time I will chop up the chicken so that it is easier to cook and so that there is less chicken on each bun. I also would like to have lettuce and tomatoes on it. Maybe bacon isn't your thing, but I used low-sodium bacon and wiped the grease off of each piece afterwards. I bet it would be easy to make with a George Foreman grill. And I managed to get rid of the hamburger buns sitting in the fridge that were half stale, half mushy. :]


Elise said...

Wow, Tori, those pajamas look really good!

. . .And, want to make ME dinner?

Jolena said...

Cute PJ's!!! I love them!