Friday, November 7, 2008

Middle of the night fun

Katrina popped up with another tooth yesterday, which explains why the night before had been such a failure in trying to get her to sleep through the night like the doctor recommended. Last night, on the other hand, was a complete success. She woke several times but always fell back asleep after only a little crying. I, on the other hand, woke up at 3:00 and couldn't go back to sleep until 5. The reason? Well, after laying awake for an hour with the desire to say "Moo!" and wake up Katrina just to make her nurse, you can imagine how I felt. I finally got up and pumped a few ounces to take the edge off. Luckily there were a bunch of updated blogs to read while pumping and now I have some milk to mix with Katrina's rice cereal, which will definitely make it more palatable for her.

Tonight is another campout for Adam. I never realized that Scouts go camping so often. This has been such a stressful calling for Adam. No one else seems to understand the potential of this scouting program. The other leaders talk a lot of good talk but fail to put in the effort to implement improvements. They also seem to operate under the assumption that the boys hate scouting and would rather do other activities, refusing to understand (even though Adam explains) that Scouts, especially Venturing, doesn't have to be just camping and merit badges. The problem is augmented by the fact that our ward is too small to stand alone, so Adam's unit is combined with another ward's and their leaders regularly seem to ignore that fact. The other scoutmaster is really trying hard along with Adam, but they are both untrained and failing to get the support they need from their Young Mens presidencies to get that training. And the lack of communication! Yikes. I don't envy Adam.

Here are a few pictures of Katrina. She's rather good at the blank look, isn't she? The weird thing on her head is my attempt to make a headband out of tights. I was reading instructions on how to turn tights into baby headbands on the internet and after a little fiddling, I decided my way was easier. :]


Elise said...

Oh I LOVE using tights for headbands. They work so well! You'll have to let me know what you did, because I haven't ever seen one that looked like that before. She looks way cute.

Tori said...

Well, that's the thing. I just rolled the waistband so the lace bum was showing and tied the legs around her head! I don't think it's really useable... :]

Jolena said...

She does do well with that zoned-out look. It's great! She'll do well in school with that one. :)