Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Making baby food

I just remembered that my friend Shalyse asked me some questions about making baby food and I forgot to email her back. Then I realized that it would make a good blog post if any of my other friends who are also young mothers want to make their own.

The tupperware I use is just some cheap stuff we got as a wedding present. I think we got it from Target. I found it best to put the food in several smaller containers for easy defrosting and so that it wouldn't go bad if we couldn't go through it fast enough. I freeze them until I need a new container, and then put them overnight in the fridge. Right now in the fridge I have green beans, applesauce that's almost done, and peaches and strawberries. Katrina had applesauce for breakfast everyday for a week and didn't seem to mind.

Everything except the strawberries had to be mixed with water in order for my blender to work properly. It's easy to put too much water in, but in the case of the green beans I put them in my sifter and it worked perfectly to reduce the water. Today I served Katrina peaches and strawberries mixed together, which was a hit, but it was the consistency of soup. In that case I usually just throw in some dry cereal and it thickens it up enough.

I mostly just do this to save money, so I've decided that some foods are worth it and some aren't. The green beans, for instance, cost me several dollars for the bag and only made one tupperware container. Not worth it. One yam, though, made two containers worth. One apple and one peach both went a really long way. I still am experimenting, but I would like to figure out some green vegetable to use that aren't super expensive.

Anyway, if that helps anyone, good!


Elise said...

This was a good post for me to read since we're going to do solids in another month. One thing I've read is that you can freeze the pureed food in ice cube containers, and then once it's frozen pop them all out and put them in a big ziploc bag, so when you need one you just pull it out and defrost it. The only thing with that is that I think the serving size is small for some babies, and also then you can't do a whole lot at a time if you're like me and only own one ice cube container.

You have a lot of good suggestions. I especially liked when you talked about which foods are worth the money. That is so true, and a good reminder.

Kirst said...

We did the ice cube trays and I felt it was worth the dollar to buy two extras at the store so you can make more food at a time. My boys were pickier eaters; Jacob wouldn't eat the same food two days in a row and Teancum hated store bought food after eating the homemade stuff for three months.

Also, You can try canned greenbeans instead of frozen since on sale they are cheeper and more worth saving the money...Make sure to get the ones with no salt added. these actually taste like the baby food green beans you buy.