Friday, November 21, 2008

Imagine thousands of strands of hair, wrapped around a one-inch diameter cylinder...

...and you are looking at the rotating brush on my vacuum. Ew. Especially since my hair is so long that each strand can wrap around the brush about 25 times according to my math. Yuck.

I decided that with Katrina rolling around the floor so much, I really needed to vacuum. She was too fussy to put in her jumperoo, so I got out my baby wrap for the first time in a while and tried out a new position, the hip hold. That worked pretty well and she was fascinated by the vacuum and the cord. I did a pretty thorough job everywhere the cord would reach and put her down for a nap while I tackled the couch cushions. The attachments weren't working too well, so I started examining the whole vacuum. I dumped out the main section and examined the filters. Then I turned it over to clean the rotating brush. Ugh!

Now when Katrina was a couple weeks old I was treating us for possible yeast with gentian violet, and for some reason I decided to fling the bottle across the room (or at least that's how it looked), drenching everything (Adam's right shoe, my slippers, Katrina's bassinet, her bouncer, the phone charger, the floor, the wall, etc) in purpleness that is almost impossible to remove. I asked the couple who moved into our apartment later if the stain was still there and it is, so I guess even heavy duty cleaners couldn't remove it (and Wymount only charged us $15! Crazy!). During one of the methods I used to attempt to clean the floor, I poured sparkling water and salt on the floor, and then we had the Bad Idea of vacuuming it up right away before it dried, since it looked like we were just spreading the purpleness around more.

Which is why today I spent all of Katrina's last nap chiseling purple salt deposits off of the bottom of the vacuum and attacking the hair (honestly, I think there was enough to make a Locks of Love wig) with a pair of scissors. Then I had to sweep up the mess, and while I was at it I dry- and wet-Swiffered the floor and the bathroom floors too.

Moral of the story--if Adam doesn't notice any of the work I did (which he should, if he even glances in the kitchen trashcan), then he gets mac and cheese for dinner instead of chicken and cous cous.

And I think I might cut my hair super short.

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Jolena said...

This is just funny in every sense of the word. I sure hope Adam notices! So we got our engagement pictures back today. They're so great! I'll have to send you over the link to them.