Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun with music

I spent a lot of today arranging the piece I will be playing on violin for the Christmas program at church. The ward music chairman called me today and asked me to play "Silent Night." I asked her, "What about 'O Holy Night?' " She said ok, so today I've been working on the piece. "Arranging" is a generous term. I took a vocal solo version from Sally Deford's website. If you haven't heard of Sally DeFord, you really need to head over to She lived in my stake in Colorado Springs growing up and we sang in each of her Easter cantatas and Christmas sing-a-longs. She composes lots of music and offers it for free on her website. One of the songs that we sang every year was "O Holy Night" and I really loved it. So I took a look at it and had a few ideas of how to make it an interesting violin solo. I cut it down to just two verses (it's really long otherwise), with the first verse having a lot of pretty harmonies, and the second having some cool arpeggios. I still need to play through it to see how it works, but it sounds nice on my computer.

Well, I'm completely distracted by the tv, so that's all. Have a good week!

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Elise said...

Post a link to the audio file!