Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dead. D-E-D. Dead.

I was talking to my parents yesterday on the phone when I opened my laptop and ran my finger over the touchpad. No response, so I pressed a few keys and then the power button. Then I realized the light on the power button was blinking. I plugged the power cord in, but no response still, just blinking. And suddenly I knew--my computer is dead. It has lasted almost four years and has a history of fan problems and frying power cables. Usually I would troubleshoot and get Adam to look at it and maybe call my dad before giving up, but for some reason I knew that it was the end for my wonderful laptop friend. *Wipes tear.*

Before the conversation ended, I told my parents what had happened and my dad gave me a few tips on recovering the data. Everything was backed up two months ago, but I have pictures and videos since then that I don't want to lose.

So I'm a little depressed. Internet Explorer had all of my blogs saved in its feed, and I can't really remember all of the blogs that I like to read. I lost my music arrangment of O Holy Night, though I did print it out. Plus, now I have to either use Adam's laptop, which has a dead battery and has to be constantly plugged in, or our PC, which has a keyboard with the Shift and Enter keys that stick. At least we have plenty of computers, thanks to the fact that Adam got to bring home his work computer when they got new ones.

Sigh. Katrina's asleep, Adam is sick with flu-like symptoms (really not good when his coworker is fighting brain cancer), and we're watching a House Hunters that we've already seen. I find myself looking forward to Katrina waking up in a couple of hours, just because she's unbearably cute and I love to play with her. Never mind that we're really frustrated that up until a month ago she was sleeping straight through the night and now wakes twice every night...

The good side to this: maybe I won't waste so much time on the computer each day. Ha! I wish.


Kamity said...

The laptop itself may be dead, but the hard drive might be salvageable. You can get cases for laptop drives and connect them to another computer and use them as an external drive. It's worth a try!!

Kamity said...

Wow, English is not my strong point today.

Jolena said...

So sad about your laptop! I hope you can salvage everything you would like from it. I know when we switch computers at work, my IT people can save my favorites and settings on Internet Explorer. I don't know if you can get any of those back through recovering it, but it's worth a try.