Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crafty me

Katrina going to town on a piece of meat we gave her the other day. I had fun dressing her completely in stripes.
Little booties I made for her from scrap material. The pattern is for 0-6 months but I wanted to try it out anyway. They still fit her feet, just barely, and it was several minutes before she kicked them off. I want to try them again sometime with the correct materials and fusible interfacing instead of just extra fabric, like I used.

Sneak peak at a Christmas present! Isn't this cute? So fun and pretty easy to make. I got the idea from the Sew Mama Sew blog I mentioned before. Here is the tutorial.

I still need to buy animals to go inside. It is 4"x 6"x 6".
I really liked how it turned out and I have plenty of extra fabric, so I can make one for Katrina when she's older.
Yesterday Adam's coworkers sent him home early, which is why I had so much time to sew the barn. This is a pretty nasty cold or flu. I haven't gotten it yet, but I'm not holding my breath. At least Katrina got a flu shot last doctors visit. Today I was a little disappointed that he felt good enough to go to work--I like it when he's home, even if he's sick! I think he was pretty bored though. He worked on his work laptop and watched HGTV a lot. Not terribly interesting!
Well, Katrina just went down for a nap, so I'm going to go devour the book I got last night from the library. It is The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson and I have been wanting to read it so badly. He's my favorite newly discovered author. Too bad I didn't know about him when I was at BYU, since he actually teaches a class there!


Supervised Mama said...

Oh I love the barn and the booties. Mega impressed!! Great job!

Evenspor said...

Is the bootie pattern from makethemyourself.com? Her patterns are great. And I love the barn.

sb said...

Love the barn (and love the SewMamaSew blog - thanks for the info!). I'm impressed with your crafting skills. Once we get in a new place, I'll have to get my sewing machine set up.

Baby's due at the end of March and is a girl. She's moving around all the time now, so that's cool, except when I'm trying to sleep...

Amanda said...

I am both impressed and jealous!!! :)