Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Civic duty

I voted! And I feel good about my choice. Adam and I went on a walk last night and discussed the candidates, and by the end we both felt good about our choice rather than reluctant. We went to the fire station this morning, which was kind of thrilling because of all the fire personnel running in and out. We caused a bit of a scene between two ladies. We went up the elevator because Katrina was in her stroller, and a nice woman let us cut her in line. Another lady came up behind us on the elevator and made us get out of line and wait for our original spot, which was behind her. The woman who had let us cut had us get back in and when the other lady confronted her, they argued a little. It ended when the woman told her, "Mind your own business!" So we got through the line very quickly and Adam was even early for work. Thank goodness for bossy old women! The whole process was very quick and the line wasn't even too long. We picked a good time to go. Pennsylvania is a swing state, so we felt like our vote was especially important. Both candidates have been heavily campaigning here for the last several days.

I have the car today, and since gas is so much cheaper I have the desire to go drive somewhere just for the heck of it! We got gas in Jersey on Saturday for $2.25. Here in PA it's about 30 cents more expensive, so we always buy gas when we visit Adam's parents. I remember the good old days when my mom gave me a $20 bill to go get gas and I would bring her back the change. Sigh. :]

Just put Katrina down for her first nap. Hope everyone has a great election day!

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