Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Sewing Mistake 1 of 3 and more booties

First, here are more booties I made from a free template off the internet. I would put the link but I'm nursing and she is kicking my arm. But if you search for "Heather Bailey," her blog has these felt shoes. I found a Martha Stewart template that I will also try because they have straps and might actually stay on. Anyway, these were easy since I already had felt.

So my sewing mistake. Yes, well, I am in bad need of nursing clothes. I make do, but I really want nursing clothes. I found some patterns for nursing tops online and decided to try out a few. This is what it was supposed to look like:
This is what it actually looked like, without hems on the sleeves and bottom and crooked. I mis-measured the length of the bottom part and it ended up too short, and why did I even think a peasant style would look good on me anyway? But the material was cheap and it provided me with a fun project tonight.
Here's the site and instructions:
These are the other two tops I plan on making: this one, and this one.
Well, I suspected this might not turn out very well, but I hoped it would. I'll save the material and elastic and reuse them for something else. The other two fabrics that I bought are very pretty knits and I hope they work well.
Well, this is turning into a sewing blog, isn't it? I go on little kicks where I get interested in one thing for a while and then it peters off. Right now I'm on a sewing kick.
Oh, and I received my dress in the mail for Jolena's reception. Here's a picture. I really like it. Now I just need fun shoes


Jolena said...

Ok, I love those other two tops! I think they will look so cute when you make them! And, if you got the pattern worked out, I actually think the peasant top could look really cute too. It was just all out-of-whack proportionally, but I think it could have potential. Don't give up!

Those felt shoes remind me of elf shoes. Love them! Katya the Elf. :)

Jane said...

First off- How nice to see the booties modeled by a real baby! So adorable!

Second- great attitude about the top. I tried sewing for myself once about 7 years ago and haven't had the nerve to go back yet.