Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby Food

Well, I survived the night without Adam. Katrina woke up twice but only once was after I had gone to bed. Adam just got home and the camping trip went better than he thought, so we're both in a good mood.

After he gets out of the shower and Katrina wakes up, I'm going to spend awhile in the kitchen. I've decided to try making my own baby food. Baby food really wasn't that expensive when she only was eating half a jar a day, but now she gets two meals and before long she'll be eating more at each meal, so I'm going to try mixing my own. We don't have a food processor, so I'm going to just use the blender. I think for the vegetable, I'll cook them first. I bought peaches, apples, strawberries, yams, carrots, and green beans. I actually already pureed the strawberries earlier today, but the blender made Katrina scream, so that's why I decided to wait for Adam to get home before continuing. She grimaced when she tasted the strawberries, so that might fail, but pureed strawberries are definitely something I can find a use for if she hates them. All the other foods she's already had and liked. Maybe I'll mix the strawberries with bananas to make them less tart.

So anyway, I'm proud of my efforts and it always feels good to make something yourself rather than just putting money in the pockets of Gerber (instead I put it in the pockets of Acme, I guess).

I'm also eating a TastyCake coffecake that Adam brought for me. He loves them, but I'm kind of grossed out. The first one was all right, but I don't think I can finish the second. There, I just gave it to Adam, though he stared me down for profaning his beloved tastycakes.

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Shalyse said...

Hello again Tori! So I am curious how you pureed your fruits and veggies, did you add water to them or anything else? What is a good consistency? Any tips or articles, websites you visited that helped you do this or are you just really smart!?!