Thursday, October 30, 2008

This one has a mind of her own

Dinner was funny tonight, if a little exasperating. Every time a spoon went towards Katrina's mouth, she closed it as tight as possible. We tried both the cereal and the pears, but no luck. I stuffed a carrot into her mouth and out it came. I forced a bite of cous cous in, and she grimaced and spit it out. When I gave her pieces of carrot on her tray, that had more luck. She actually tried to pick them up and put them in her mouth. However, her pincer grasp isn't too developed, so the carrots slipped out of her hands and plopped everywhere kind of humorously. I tried some pears again but she grabbed the spoon out of my hands, and then stuffed it into her mouth herself. Hmm. I tried it again and it worked. After each bite I had to wrestle the spoon out of her hand, but then as soon as the full spoon came back, she grabbed it and stuffed it into her mouth. Once she started waving the spoon and banging it into the seat behind her, I gave up entirely. I guess she wasn't hungry? Or pears are not a winner. Whatever the reason, we're going to have to try something different.

Our neighbor came over tonight and said that our water heater was leaking into his closet. He used to work for the maintenance here and was able to shut off the correct knobs and give us the number to call to get someone over. Luckily nothing got wet, and we currently have a carpet blower in there drying off the carpet. It turns out that it was really our upstairs neighbors' water heater. This was the first maintenance issue that we've had, so it's nice to know that in case of emergency, someone can be over right away.

After that little adventure, we had fun making fried wontons for a party tomorrow. It was lots of fun cooking together. Adam is the one that really loves making new recipes and experimenting. I just like to cook fast and get it done! I made some tasty cous cous and chicken and carrots for dinner, but I think it took only fifteen minutes to make. Anyway, we enjoyed our evening.

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Momza said...

Your dinner sounds yummy! I love wontons!
Have a great weekend Tori! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!