Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rained out

Ahhh! The Phillies got rained out last night! The game has been suspended until tonight, but it's still raining like crazy outside. Grr.

I have never really been a fan of any baseball team, so I have adopted the Phillies because Adam loves them so much. They are currently playing in the World Series against Tampa Bay. I have watched more baseball in the last two weeks (NLCS, ALCS, etc) than probably the rest of my life combined. Other than a few BYU football games, we've never really watched sports. But it's all right. At least Adam lets us watch other interesting shows (House, Scrubs) during the commercials. :]

So anyway, game 5 was rained out last night. They suspended the game in the middle of the sixth inning. If the Phils win this game, they win the series. Here's hoping the rain stops, they win the game, and I can start my goal of going to bed by 11 every night! Besides, we got Indiana Jones 4 in the mail from Netflix, and I really want to see it!

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