Monday, October 27, 2008

A park! A park! A park!

I've been doing so much better lately about getting out of the apartment and going on walks with Katrina. Today I searched around on GoogleMaps to try to find a nearby park or a school with a playground. Nothing is very close. I didn't really feel like going on the Radnor Trail again, even though that is a really nice trail. I finally decided to just go walking in the direction of a park close by that has a couple of baseball diamonds. I've driven past in before and I figured I would try looping back around to our apartment and see how long it took me.

Off we went. I didn't need a jacket, just my thick sweater, and Katrina seemed happy enough with a blanket and her fluffy hat. One really annoying thing about sidewalks around here is that they are super uneven, cracked, and kind of a pain to use. That is another reason I don't like going on walks around here. But we persevered and made it to the park. I searched in vain for a playground, even though I knew there wasn't one. We kept walking and passed the park. Then, on the other side of some trees, was a second park with another baseball diamond. I had seen this on GoogleMaps and wondered whether there was a playground, but couldn't tell online. Well, to my happy surprise, there was a playground. It's only about twenty minutes away, walking.

I put Katrina in a swing, more for a photo op than anything. I think she has quite a bit of growing to fit into these swings! I called Adam, and our conversation went something like this:

"I found a park only a 100 yards away from our apartment!"


"Yeah, but it took me twenty minutes to get here."


"Because you can't get to it from the apartments. It's by that other park with the baseball diamonds. There's a bunch of trees and bushes. But I can literally see the apartment building next to ours from here."



There was a path between the park and a subdivision, so I decided to walk around there and try to find another route home, just for fun. I also wanted to make sure there weren't any unofficial paths that residents of our apartments had made through the bushes. To my absolute joy, there was a pathway! Yay!

Summary of today's fun walk: Twenty minutes to park. Twenty minutes walking around subdivision just for fun (see picture of beautiful changing colors). Two minutes back to apartment. Success! And lots of future walks and playground visits will surely follow!

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