Sunday, October 26, 2008

Music mania

I know I post all the time and that might drive some of you crazy, but blogging helps keep me from going crazy, sometimes! :] I'm waiting right now for Adam to get home from home teaching/exchanges with the missionaries. We've had a crazy weekend in which we've barely seen each other for longer than half an hour at a time until 8:00 at night. After he gets home, we're going to the church for the first rehearsal for the Messiah sing-a-long in December.

Yep, I'm playing violin in the Messiah! I have the 1st Violin music because my grandparents gave it to me years ago, so I am already familiar with a lot of it. I played through the five pieces last night, and I was pleasantly surprised that even though I'm rusty, the 1st Violin part won't be too difficult for me. Katrina cried, like normal, when I practiced. Then I kept playing, so she just sent me a few whimpers, and finally she just ignored me and jumped in her jumperoo without complaint. Maybe she doesn't like how shrill it is? I don't know, but it sure feels nice to play. I am nervous to play in an orchestra, though, because my school district only had band and I haven't had many opportunities to play in orchestras. Orchestra playing and solo playing are a lot different. Though there was this one time that I thought I was playing in an orchestra for a musical, and then it turned out I was the only one on the part, so it was like an orchestral solo... That was crazy. I sightread 70+ pages of score for A Christmas Carol. And then I got stranded at the theater. No fun.

Anyway, I also committed to singing in the ward choir. I was pleasantly surprised today at the first rehearsal to sing with two other very good altos. Sure, we all made mistakes, but we were all fairly strong. Plus, the sopranos sing in tune and we have at least one strong tenor and one tenor who can masquerade as a good bass. How awesome is that compared to some ward choirs?! :]

Oh, and I agreed to play a violin solo for Christmas. I'm not sure yet what I'll be playing. I don't have much Christmas music. I do have one medley, but it's a little boring.

Lastly, I volunteered Adam to sing bass in a men's quartet for Thanksgiving. It was with his permission, and he doesn't mind, don't worry! He doesn't really enjoy singing regularly with ward choirs, but he does enjoy singing on occasion with other talented people.

Katrina shrieks and squeals and yells out "Dadadada" during the Sacrament, but we have yet to figure out which instrument she prefers. It looks likely that she will at least play the piano though, judging by how much she loves to bang on the keys.

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