Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Home Evening fun

Adam and I are kind of bad at doing Family Home Evening consistantly, but we're trying to do better. Last night we had a fun time. First, we took a walk to Acme and KMart to get some supplies for Adam's Court of Honor and a few groceries. I love living so close to the store. I don't get much exercise these days, so having an excuse to go on a walk to the store is nice. We also picked up a pumpkin carving kit.

We also tried to put Katrina up on our shoulders for the first time. She loved the new perspective!
Then we carved our pumpkins that we got on Saturday in Jersey. I decided to try one of the patterns that came with our carving kit. By the way, those kits are definitely worth the few dollars they cost. It was so much easier carving with those tools than with a steak knife, like I'm used to.
Here's mine.
Adam carved an angry pumpkin.
And Katrina's pumpkin features one tooth, which we thought was appropriate.

It's been years since I carved a pumpkin, so this was lots of fun. We're also going to be dressing up on Friday for the Primary Halloween Party and Trunk or Treat. I definitely will take pictures!


Shalyse said...

Tori your hair is so long and beautiful! I had no idea! :)

Jolena said...

Will you stop posting such cute pictures that make me jealous of you child and your life?! Jeez, I think you should have some more tact. lol

I told Bill yesterday after seeing Katrina in her dress for my wedding that if we're good, Heavenly Father might bless us with a child as cute as her.

Em said...

Oh your hair is SOOO gorgeous. I love Katrina's pumpkin...it's SO cute! Yours is really cool too! And Adam's is very awesome as well. LOVE!

Cindy said...

Tori I can't believe how long your hair is! It is so thick and pretty. P.s. I don't know why but family night is really hard to have sometimes especially since there is just 2 of us.

Amanda said...

I love Katrina's baby pumpkin! So adorable!!!!