Friday, September 26, 2008

Fantasizing about the Future

Today has been a day of fantasies so far for me. From thinking about mass-producing quiet books to moving to a cheaper apartment to buying a house, my mind has been a little in the clouds. I can't really work on the book any more until I get my package of fabric markers from the post office, so I have nothing to do while Katrina naps (nothing that I want to do anyway). So I've been calculating the cost of making books and looking for bulk thread and eyelets, etc, online. Also, our apartment is quite expensive, so occasionally I entertain the idea of moving to a cheaper apartment when our one-year lease is up. Looking around, there are some really nice apartments farther away, which would be super inconvenient for Adam's commute and our one-car situation. There are also plenty of cheaper, but lower-quality apartments. Just down the street is a complex that we considered that is pretty nice, but they don't have a washer and dryer. So I don't think we'll be moving, but occasionally I look! Also, I like to look at houses and condos sometimes. We could actually afford some of the things around here, but with the whole mortgage-loan crisis, I'm not sure what that means for getting approved for a loan for a house. Plus there's that whole down-payment thing. I know that some people are buying foreclosed houses for really cheap without a down payment, but I'm not quiet sure how to get in on that action.

So that's my life these days--dreaming about other things. Not every day, just today. What I also need to do is go daydream about what to make for dinner. I've been super unmotivated lately to cook and clean, so I'm trying to pull myself out of that rut. I've made dinner the last two nights! Let's see, if I quickly go over to my Excel document with recipe ideas organized by type of meat and with a list of ingredients...Yes, I have everything for chicken curry salad, except the celery. Today's such a cool day that a warm dinner would be nice, but I think I'll stick with that.

Here's Katrina in her high chair while I made dinner. She put the turtle in her mouth, took her hands away, but left it hanging out of her mouth by its foot. Way funny.

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Jolena said...

I love day dreaming. It really is fun every now and again. I love that you have created a spreadsheet with recipes on it with all the ingredients and such. You are such a techy nerd. That's said in a totally positive tone, by the way. :) Bill and I consider ourselves a totally nerdy couple. It's great! I think you and Adam might fit that categorization too. :)