Saturday, September 27, 2008

Deja vu

Well, this is a familiar situation, just one that hasn't occurred in awhile. I am sitting on the couch with Katrina sleep-nursing on me. I can't move or she'll wake up. She wouldn't go to sleep in her crib. I can't even reach the remote to change the channel, so I'm stuck on some mildly interesting space show. Adam is sleeping in the bedroom, so I'm also bored. Last night he went camping with the stake young men. It was his first time camping since before we met! He enjoyed himself, except the part where his tent leaked and everything got wet. I was fine by myself. I just sewed a lot and talked on the phone to both sisters and my dad.

The weather is cooler here, but I'm starting to go a little crazy because our apartment is so dim. With the perpetual cloud cover I have to have the lights on all day. I really prefer natural light. Staying inside all day with artificial light makes me kind of anxious. I don't mind cloudy days. I actually really like rain. But I also like being able to see during the day.

I'm having some really strong cravings for milk, which is not convenient because we have none. And I'm stuck with a baby on me. Ahhhhh. This is why the early months of new motherhood were so hard! I was always stuck. A sleeping baby meant a happy baby, so I would always do whatever was necessary to make her sleep, even if it meant not eating, showering, or going to the bathroom for hours. I'm actually starting to feel claustrophobic as I write. She's awake now and eating on the other side, so I probably will be able to get up soon. But wow. I forgot how trapped I could feel just from nursing!

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