Friday, August 1, 2008


Katrina had a really long morning nap, but she started yawning like crazy not even an hour after waking up, so I finally gave in and put her back in her crib. As I was preparing my lunch and carrying the monitor around I heard the weirdest noises. This video shows you what I was hearing.

Unfortunately, after I left again, she started crying and instead of going to sleep, cried harder and harder until I got her. Usually after a failed nap attempt, only nursing makes her feel better, but I happened to be watching and labeling old videos of her at the time and so I tried to continue. Amazingly, she instantly quieted down and for the next while just stared at the videos of herself. She's now playing happily on the floor and making more funny squeals. I'm going to save the next nap attempt until she's yawning a lot again.

We have now been living in PA for two months. A lot has changed. I saw the state of our apartment in the older videos and it is definitely a lot cleaner and homey since then. Katrina is about twice the weight she was the week after she was born, when she lost too much weight because of jaundice. She's also grown about five inches since birth. She can roll over, voice all sorts of sounds and squeals, has more than one cry (yippee), and is so cute (that hasn't changed). She has a regular bedtime and accompanying routine, sleeps in a crib, sleeps through the night, and is even developing a daytime routine. She is much, much more aware of things and can interact with us more. She smiles all the time and I'm hoping for a laugh soon.

I have not really dropped any weight (still five pounds to go until pre-birth and a bunch after that), but my clothes all fit much better because I have lost "inches." This may be TMI, but I finally bought a nice nursing bra yesterday and have decreased in size significantly from the last time I went bra-shopping. Hooray! I also can drive around on these narrow streets without stressing over it, and I know my way around pretty well.

We are getting our finances in order, which has been the longest process. Today we finally, after ordering them three times, received our checks in the mail for our new account. That means that we can settle our insurance and car stuff, as well as move our money into a bank that actually has a branch nearby. Adam and I both are active in our new callings at church and enjoying them. Well, I am, at least. I get to give away the baby and not worry about her for two hours on Sunday, which is so rejuvenating. Plus, I get to play the piano, which I love doing. Adam, who was the ultimate Scout growing up, has to work with a Scouting program that is pretty underdeveloped. But I think he enjoys working with the young men.

So I guess it really is feeling like home. We have no plans to move anytime soon. We even painted the nursery. Life finally feels settled in. I guess the East Coast isn't that bad after all!

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Jolena said...

Sounds pretty great to me, this life of yours. Those were some pretty awesome sounds Katrina was making. I'm impressed. It's crazy that it's only been two months since you moved. It seems like so much longer. I must have a skewed viewpoint on life...