Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm so bored

I'm mostly posting because I am so bored, not because I have a cute picture or story. I don't feel like cleaning, it's too early to start cooking dinner, Katrina is napping but on the verge of waking up, and I can't concentrate on my book. For someone who loves reading as much as I always have, it's frustrating that I have lost my ability to concentrate on a book. Well, not always. If it's a really, really good book, I can concentrate just fine! But this is one that I've read before and is kind of a huge tome (Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan, if you're wondering).

Today's better than yesterday. We're back to fighting each other about naps. She yawns all day, which makes it hard to know whether or not she's tired enough to sleep. I think the problem is she's waking up before she's done sleeping and I need to try to get her back to sleep instead of assuming she's done. Luckily she hasn't screamed much today, which means I still feel sane. Adam called me a few minutes ago saying his boss is paying for him to buy a new suit. That's crazy! How many bosses do that? We're lucky Adam works for a great company.

Since I compulsively make lists and spreadsheets (I've been tracking feeding times for the past two months and now am tracking nap times too--it helps because I can't ever remember when the last time she ate was), I started a list of all of the food dishes I can make. Hopefully this will help me make menus and figure out ideas for dinner every night. I also have a list of all of the authors I like so I can remember what books I want to read, a list of gift ideas for Adam and a separate list for Christmas gifts for everyone, a list of when all of our automatic bill payments are due or are taken out of our bank account, and a budget spreadsheet that Adam and I worked on together which includes all sorts of formulas that make plugging numbers in easy. Sometimes I think I might have minor OCD! But if I do, it's not debilitating, so I won't worry about it.

Okay, I think I will go read now or maybe empty out the dishwasher. Sorry for the borderline stream-of-consciousness post!


Jolena said...

you know, I thought it was only me that was that compulsive about lists. Maybe it's a Jones trait....
I am really proud of my budget spreadsheet. :) All I've got to say is if it keeps you sane, I see nothing wrong with it. Here's to a non-screaming baby!

Jolena said...

Oh, and I was having a slight emotional breakdown this morning at work and Bill called me right in the middle of it and proceeded to show up with ice cream for the both of us. What a guy! See, I know the Lord's looking out for me, even when I'm feeling junky. He's looking out for you too!

Tasha's Life said...

Why not? If you have the time and desire, it's great to be so organized! You want to come visit me and organize some of my stuff, (i.e. my room, garage, storage room, school classroom). Any takers? :)

lizkachu said...

Just wanted to let you know that I read your blog all the time... probably didn't know I did, did you ;)

Thanks for sharing and pics are always cute.


lizkachu said...

Oh... and tell Adam to post more :)