Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New stages

Everyone has said that at three months old Katrina would blossom and become a lot more interesting. I think it began at about two and a half months. She really is a lot more fun to interact with now than she used to be, mostly because she follows us with her eyes and coos and gargles and babbles at us. Also, she is fully into what Freud called the "oral phase" (a nod to my Child Development class) of her development--yes, everything goes into the mouth now. I used to know she was hungry because she would stick her fingers in her mouth and root around at things. Now she can't go two minutes without stuffing both hands into her mouth and grabbing anything close to shove that in too. Like my knuckles, my nose, burp cloths, blankets... I tried giving her a teething toy since she's drooling a lot and I know that precedes teething, but she really had no interest. Since she is so fixated on her hands, I just have to make sure I clean her hands regularly.

We have been establishing a bedtime of 8 for her and it's actually working! And even better, the last two nights she has gone happily to bed and slept until 7. It's wonderful. Now if we could just move our bedtime to 8 as well, then Adam and I would be getting enough sleep finally too.

We are wallpapering soon, and once that is done I'll post pictures of her room. Everything is settling down. There are only a few more boxes left to unpack, and mostly I just move them from room to room to storage closet. The storage closet has several boxes that we haven't unpacked, but mostly it's stuff like my junk from when I was at home. I want to keep some and get rid of some, but don't want to go through it.

Also, I have made dinner two nights in a row and have plans for both tonight and tomorrow! I had gotten out of the habit of making dinner regularly, so this is good. Last night I made an Indian chicken curry that was wonderful, even though I had to substitute like half of the ingredients (evaporated milk for coconut milk, garlic powder for garlic cloves, spaghetti sauce for tomato paste, and lemon yogurt for plain yogurt and lemon juice). It was delicious and I wish I had made extra. Food is so expensive these days. Partly it's because everything seems to be more expensive out here than in Utah, and partly it's because of the economy, but I seem to pay a good $40 more on average each grocery trip than I did before the move. At least we don't have baby food yet, but that's coming soon, yikes.

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