Sunday, July 6, 2008

New callings

Adam and I were sustained and set apart in our new callings today. I am the Primary pianist and Adam is the 2nd counselor in Young Mens/Deacon Advisor/Assistant Scout Master. We both ended up going to our new organizations today. I went to Primary to observe the previous pianist and see how everything worked, but ended up playing anyway. I'm a bit rusty, but I can sightread fairly well, so it was fine. It's interesting because the last time that I was primary pianist, we only had nursery-aged kids, so I only had to play ten minutes. It actually isn't all that different now, just that the kids are actually involved in the music. Adam went to the deacons quorum and starts teaching next week. Also, we have been asked to speak next week on patriotism. It'll only be my second talk ever that's not a youth talk.

We're both excited about our callings, but for me the biggest stress is figuring out what to do with the baby. Today Adam's parents came to our ward and his mom could take the baby during Relief Society, but that won't work normally. Luckily, a couple of women have offered to help me take care of the baby, so I think that Adam will take her during Sunday School and then hand her off to the bishop's wife or other willing woman. I just have to make sure I feed her during Sacrament Meeting.

This week we'll buy a crib and start putting together the nursery!

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Elise said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You two will be so great in your callings. I'm sure the women in the ward will love getting to know your cute Katrina better.