Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lord of the Flies

We have a lot more bugs here than we had in Utah. Dead bugs, because they fumigated before we moved in, and live bugs, because the Lord wants me to overcome my phobia. Adam kills them for me, but there are still way too many for my comfort. The worst are the millipedes, yuck.

Luckily we bought a fly swatter last week. I killed a couple this morning, which disturbed me because I haven't opened any windows or the sliding door for awhile and our front door is only accessible after going through two other doors, a staircase, and a hallway. Well, Adam called me today and offered to cook this evening, which made me happy. He was getting dinner ready and I was waiting for the baby to wake up when I noticed a couple of flies and asked him to get them. We noticed at the same time that there were like thirty of them around the dining room window and several around the living room window. Ughh! I don't mind flies and they're one of the few bugs that I'm alright with killing, but that was gross! Adam went to town with the swatter and I got out the vacuum to suck up the dead ones and try to get some live ones too. Basically I was freaking out as quietly and calmly as possible. I have a fear of bugs going in my ears, so I was dancing around trying to cover my ears from the flies around my head while sucking them up. I really felt like my skin was crawling. Ugh. Adam told me to leave and take the baby with me, so I took her outside and went for a walk with the stroller. He called me when he was done.

Unfortunately, it's probably our fault. We had a bunch of trash in bags in the kitchen for a few days because last time we tried to take it out, the dumpster was filled. Also, we have three boxes of food on the floor that we don't have room for in our cupboards. The other day I was sweeping (I actually keep the kitchen pretty clean, so we're not slobs or anything) and got upset because I found a couple of maggots when I was trying to sweep it up. I have no idea where they came from, since the kitchen isn't that big and I couldn't see, and I didn't really want to get down on hands and knees and stick my nose in a bunch of maggots. So, today the eggs must have hatched. Again, ughh. While I was writing this Adam had to go over and kill like five or six more. We took out the trash and we still need to go through the food in the boxes. I'm really apprehensive because I don't want to wake up with hundreds of flies in our house. At least Adam took care of them and let me take the baby and run. Plus, even though she hadn't eaten in three hours, when she woke up and I took her for a walk, she didn't even cry or make a noise the whole time we were gone, and then she let me eat dinner before feeding her. By that time, it was already time for her to go to bed, which she did without a fuss.

So, that's our drama-filled evening. I'm still really on edge. Unfortunately, we can't close our bedroom doors because they're both put on their frames funny, so I can't even keep the flies out of the rest of the house! No fair. But lots of kudos go to my lovely husband who saved the day for me!

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