Thursday, July 17, 2008


I have killed over 20 60 flies today.

I am so grossed out that I can't eat. I killed the last four or five with the fly swatter in one hand and the baby in the other! The apartment office said that the exterminator will come next Wednesday, and Adam is going to pick up some fly traps today after work. I'm also homebound, since Adam has the car and the car has the stroller. I could put the baby in her wrap and leave, but we're starting a heat wave. Luckily, I can handle flies. If it were spiders or millipedes or crickets or ants, it would be so much worse. Flies, I can kill without too much squeamishness. I just leave them lying everywhere for Adam to clean up, since that grosses me out too much. I could vacuum them up, but that wakes the baby up if she's napping. Basically, I ignore the flies unless they leave the dining room window. Then I pick up the swatter and chase it, which usually leads back to the window, where I then try to kill all of the new flies. We think they might be coming out of the ventilation.

Only four more hours until Adam comes home with the fly traps.

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sb said...

If you think they're coming from the ventilation, maybe you've got a dead neighbor... (Morbid, I know, but it's always a possibility.)