Thursday, July 31, 2008

Daily Picture

I was sitting in bed this morning feeding Katrina when I glanced over a noticed a huge bug on the wall about a foot from my head. It was one of the centipede like things we get sometimes. If it had been a normal one I would have jumped a little, asked Adam to kill it, and possibly moved away from the wall. But no, this one was at least two inches long and really thick too. I jumped, shrieked, and was instantly on the opposite corner of the bed, where Adam's feet were. He woke up in a panic, thinking I had dropped the baby. She was a little startled but thought it was all kind of fun. I ran with the baby to get the fly swatter for Adam but when I got back he had dispatched the intruder and all was well. I still had him check behind the bed for more and finished nursing in the middle of the bed, but I felt much better as soon as it was gone. My hero!

I often take pictures of the baby and send them to Adam at work. Yesterday he asked why he didn't get his daily picture, so I made sure to take some this morning. Unfortunately she was squirmy and determined to be as unphotogenic as possible. I deleted the worst ones, but I thought I'd share these, weird as they are.

Lovely, huh?

So I have to admit something. I've always been above watching or voting for those reality tv shows. But last night I voted for my two favorite dancers on So You Think You Can Dance. And it was fun. Adam usually watches it with me from his desk and he enjoys it too. Next week is the finale! Whoo-hoo!


Kirst said...

I'm voting on picture number two as my favorite of Katrina. It looks like she's dancing her heart out (I know she's not but it looks like it). SO CUTE!

Supervised Mama said...

You have an adorable duaghter!! I been thru the same photo sessions with my 13 month old daughter. I'm sure whoever's watching gets a kick out of watching me try to get her attention enough to get a good picture....I have so musch fun!!