Saturday, June 21, 2008

Zoo trip

Right now we're watching the movie Dune. It's not really holding my interest too well. It's a bit weird for me. One time when I was a kid, I remember Josh or Robbie cutting a banana so that when someone unpealed it, the banana was cut into three pieces like the worms in Dune. I'm not sure how accurate that memory is, but it was funny.

Today we went to the Philadelphia Zoo. The last time I went to a zoo was in Russia. That was a fun zoo, but it wasn't quite the same quality as the one we went to today. We spent about four hours there. It was pretty hot, but there was enough shade that we did fine. I, however, somehow managed to trip and fall while we were walking from our car to the zoo. I'm not sure if I tripped or stepped wrong or what, but I twisted my ankle and went flying forward! I couldn't stop myself, even after I hit the ground, so I kind of bounced forward several feet even after impact. Man, it hurt! I scraped up my knees a little and one of my hands a bit. The other hand got the worst of it. I was bleeding in several places and couldn't really feel my thumb. Natasha and Adam helped me clean myself up with baby wipes, but I was in so much pain that I was rather out of it. My hand still stings pretty badly. Luckily, my ankle wasn't hurt too badly. I was able to walk off most of the pain. That's also lucky, since last time I twisted that ankle, at about 37 weeks pregnant, I had to wrap it and couldn't really walk on it for a couple of days. Today though, it wasn't that bad.

Yesterday Natasha and I visited an investigator from her mission. She absolutely loved Katrina. She even took Katrina for a ride on her motorized seat. I was a little anxious, but she was holding on to the baby just fine, so I felt better. Once I get Natasha's pictures, I'll post the picture.

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