Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some quick thoughts

So I post fairly often, but I just had a few thoughts I wanted to share.

I was reading blog posts on today and read a post about balance. Everyone concurred that it's pretty much impossible to find balance in your life. I read all the comments and thought about my life right now. Every day is the same. I have no deadlines, assignments, projects. School is over either for good or indefinitely. My whole identity has changed from student to mom. Because Katrina sleeps so much I can still stay up late and sleep in (interspersed with feedings) like I did as a student. Each day I can sit in front of the tv all day if I want and no one cares. Except me. And maybe Adam. Any plans for the day are completely self-imposed. I don't even have a calling yet, so I don't have to plan a lesson for Sunday or anything. And with such a small baby I don't feel obligated to go to Enrichment or Luncheon group or anything yet because I don't feel comfortable nursing anywhere other than at home or if I have to, at church and at my in-laws.

I'm sure the difference between me and these other women is that they have multiple children, jobs, or at least older children who cause more stress. Right now I can actually exercise, shower, do chores, clean, and cook dinner all in one day, as well as take care of the baby. Plus read scriptures, FHE, and all of that too. Basically, my life is great right now. I count myself very blessed. I'm not sure how long this phase will last. Surely it's not going to be this easy for very long. Soon Katrina will stop sleeping all day, I'll get a calling for church, I'll want to actually go to Enrichment and stuff, and my balanced life will be harder and harder to maintain. But for right now, I'm happy. Not perfectly happy (losing 6 lbs of pregnancy weight and about 30 pounds of pre-pregnancy weight would go a long way towards that), but happy. :]


Elise said...

Oh, Balance. Yeah, it's not too bad at the beginning. I think it is good that you don't all of a sudden get five kids of varying ages all delivered to you at the same time, because that would be way too difficult. It's nice that we get to start out with one little baby and grow from there.

Keep the thoughts coming. I love reading your blog!

Jolena said...

I think you should relish this time to the fullest. When is it ever going to happen again? And no guilt. If you're doing all the things on your list than you should feel totally justified in really enjoying life. :) Love ya sis!