Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Official

How much more official can a move be than this - We have:
  1. Opened a bank account in PA
  2. Gave our 60 days notice of vacancy (and made our last rent payment)
  3. Made a deposit on the movers
  4. Maid a deposit on the new apartment
  5. Got a new job in PA
  6. Took the utilities out of our name as of 27 May 2008
  7. Packed our DVDs (okay, we haven't packed much yet)
If that's not official, I don't know what is. The only thing that is left is actually packing, and cleaning the apartment. I suppose finding a new pediatritian would be a good thing, but that's probably something done best when we are in the area (anyway, Katrina won't need to see the doctor for almost another month).

I have to say, I'm very excited for this move. I'm finally moving on with my post-graduate life. I have the chance to actually earn real money (not the fake stuff college students earn) and have a life outside of tests and homework (I'll conveniently ignore the major test I have to study for to be qualified for my new job - the Series 55 - and the fact I want to take the CFA Level 1 next June). It's strange though, I've just grown so accustomed to Provo that I have a hard time imagining leaving it. But, true to myself, I am ready to move on. I don't have anything tying me down, and only things to look forward to.

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