Friday, May 30, 2008

We're Here!

I can't believe this week of traveling is over. We are moved in to our new apartment in Wayne, Pennsylvania! We found out yesterday that the movers would be arriving TODAY instead of tomorrow. It made us glad that we didn't decide to go to Nauvoo. Last night we kept on driving instead of stopping in Pittsburgh. We had hopes of driving straight through to Pitman where his parents live, but at 10:00, with three hours still left, we decided to stop. That meant only three hours this morning, which was way easy, especially since the baby slept through the whole thing. We arrived to find that Adam's mom and sister Emily had already unpacked a bunch of things for us. Our bed was made, the kitchen unpacked, and they even gave us some nice flowers and food to start out with. We even arrived to find a paycheck in the mail, which was the icing on the very delicious cake! Our new apartment is twice the size of our previous one in Wymount. Two bathrooms, a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, and plenty of spacious closets. We could fit a whole other king size bed in our room, I think. Suffice it to say, we're VERY happy. Plus, we have VIP tickets to the Devon Horseshow tomorrow, courtesy of Adam's new boss.

Well, I'm quite content right now. Life is wonderful!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 3

We've been traveling for three days now. It's been pretty exhausting. We left late on Monday and then had horrible rainy weather for much of the ride. We had to stop in Laramie because the rain was too awful to continue on to Cheyenne. The baby is doing pretty well. She sleeps in the car and at night, which is excellent. Sometimes she wants to nurse every two hours, which is annoying because with an hour or nursing and diaper changing, that leaves only an hour to drive. But luckily, she usually goes three or four hours.

Yesterday was awesome. We couldn't find the Super 8 we were planning on staying at, so Adam went into a Fairfield Inn to look in their phone book. He walked back out with a room for us at an even better price than the Super 8. They gave us the employee discount rather than sending us to another motel! Tonight we are at a Comfort Inn, which is still cheap but nicer than a Super 8.

We were planning on going to Nauvoo today. We would have spent the evening and morning there and then gone on from there. It would have only added four hours to the total trip. However, it would have added to the total cost and delayed our arrival by a day. Our movers are arriving on Saturday sometime, and we need to arrive before them and have money to pay them and our first month's rent. That's a whole issue in itself, since all of our money seems to be inaccessible right now. One of our accounts doesn't have enough money but doesn't have any branches near us, and for our other account we don't have a checkbook yet. Plus several paychecks are in the mail somewhere being forwarded. It's definitely stressful. We've figured out a solution, but it will be much better to be there on Friday rather than Saturday.

It's sad leaving Utah, but we're both ready for a new start. We're excited for Adam's new job, our huge new apartment, our new ward, living near Adam's family, and basically everything except leaving my family. :( Natasha is coming to visit for a week in June though, so that's cool. Katrina really likes her, and vice versa of course, so that will be a fun week.

Well, Adam is feeling sick and Katrina is squirmy and probably hungry. Maybe next time we post we'll be in Pennsylvania!
I took this on my phone somewhere in Iowa or Illinois. It turned out kind of cool!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

At least we have a television...

The moving company called us yesterday and asked us if they could come today instead of Friday. We agreed, since we were making such good progress, but it ended up being super hard just because of how tired we were. My mom was here and did a huge chunk of the work. Natasha also came over to help, which was great because she could take the baby and I could take a turn packing. Katrina always does really well with Natasha.

However, today they called us and moved the date back to tomorrow. Grrr!! It's nice to have everything packed, sure, but now we feel stuck in limbo. We would like to do some cleaning today, but right now we're just lazing around. Our couches are still out and we haven't packed up the t.v. yet, so at least we have something to do.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This is the stack of boxes we've made in Adam's office. Rather amazing, I know! That's not even everything--we still have to pack up the kitchen and the pantry. There are also more boxes out of the camera angle, but those are mostly my boxes that I've been hauling around ever since my parents cleared out their storage garage. I usually enjoy packing to a certain extent, but this time around it has been tougher than ever due to Katrina. Thankfully my mom has come to help us a couple of times and is coming over today as well. Having just completed a move from Colorado to Utah, and having moved the family six times in two years when I was younger, she is quite qualified in that area! My parents gave us most of the boxes that we're using, which is great. No scavenging at Wal-mart after hours or anything like that!

And just in case anyone was wondering, I still have the cutest baby ever. Proof:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sleep Training

Today Katrina was fairly fussy. It was really inconvenient because we were trying to pack and one of us always had to be holding and soothing her. Neither of us got much sleep and I don't think she really did either. She doesn't fall asleep very easily and lately hasn't napped well during the day. Consequently, she's been fussy because of lack of sleep.

So I've been researching ways to help her learn to sleep better. She's only five weeks, but especially once we go to Pennsylvania I would like to at least have a tentative schedule for waking up and bedtimes especially. My aunt really likes the Babywise method, which advocates setting a fairly strict schedule, but after I read some negative things today written by pediatricians, I decided against it. Then I read about a book called the 90-minute Baby Sleep Program and thought it sounded pretty great. After reading several things written by the author in response to people who had problems implementing her program, I realized that she really was only advocating a method which worked great for her kids and then found scientific evidence to support it. I also found a site called Ask Dr. Sears that described really well how infants sleep and how to get them to fall asleep easier.

So I tried some of the suggestions and got her to sleep at 8:30, and in her bassinet, even! However, she only slept for two hours, so I'm nervous about getting her back to sleep now. Oh well. We'll see.

Edited to add:
We ended up taking her on a walk at 1:00 and putting her to sleep that way. We didn't mind because we actually really enjoy those nighttime walks. Oh well, she's only a month old!

Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Official

How much more official can a move be than this - We have:
  1. Opened a bank account in PA
  2. Gave our 60 days notice of vacancy (and made our last rent payment)
  3. Made a deposit on the movers
  4. Maid a deposit on the new apartment
  5. Got a new job in PA
  6. Took the utilities out of our name as of 27 May 2008
  7. Packed our DVDs (okay, we haven't packed much yet)
If that's not official, I don't know what is. The only thing that is left is actually packing, and cleaning the apartment. I suppose finding a new pediatritian would be a good thing, but that's probably something done best when we are in the area (anyway, Katrina won't need to see the doctor for almost another month).

I have to say, I'm very excited for this move. I'm finally moving on with my post-graduate life. I have the chance to actually earn real money (not the fake stuff college students earn) and have a life outside of tests and homework (I'll conveniently ignore the major test I have to study for to be qualified for my new job - the Series 55 - and the fact I want to take the CFA Level 1 next June). It's strange though, I've just grown so accustomed to Provo that I have a hard time imagining leaving it. But, true to myself, I am ready to move on. I don't have anything tying me down, and only things to look forward to.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

We have a new apartment!

We now know where we'll be living when we move out to PA! It's been tricky because we're out here and we have such short notice. Adam's sister Emily went to a list of apartments for us and gave us the scoop on each place. Only one of the choices had any immediate openings, but it was the really nice place that she recommended the most. So we talked to them today and faxed our application to them via my parents' fax machine. We're hiring movers, so when we arrive there, our stuff will be in our apartment already!

According to Emily, they're super nice apartments. It's a really expensive part of Pennsylvania, but it's only minutes away from Adam's work. We're very excited!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bathtime Hair

Katrina hates baths. Yesterday we gave her a real bath instead of just a sponge bath or improvised sponge bath. We have a tub with a sling for newborns. She hated it just as much! But she had some crazy hair at the end, so I had to get pictures.
In two weeks we're moving. We've had better nights these last two nights with the baby (though we've been putting her to sleep by going on car rides) and I've had more energy to do things. Today I'm going to try to start packing a few boxes.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Adam's coming home!

It's actually kind of amazing that I write in this blog at all, seeing as I usually do it one-handed (left-handed even) while feeding Katrina. Also, I'm trying to not make it too baby-centric (as in: "she had the most horrible dirty diaper!" or "the problem with breastfeeding is..."). I could give updates every day about how she slept the night before (last night 11:00-1:00 and 4:00-7:00), but I'm going to try not to dwell on that. However, I do plan on posting lots of pictures of her, because she is so adorable!

In an hour I leave for the airport to pick up Adam. My mom is coming with me because I've grown to dislike driving so much. It originates from me not driving regularly since coming to college. I've gradually become more and more reluctant, and it doesn't help that Adam prefers driving to being the passenger so he drives everywhere. I especially hate driving on a busy interstate. It's kind of lame, I know. So my mom is going to keep me company and help take care of the baby (that's an excuse: the baby almost always sleeps in the car).

Well, it looks like Adam is going to take this new job in Radnor, PA. He starts work on June 2, so we'll drive out the week before. The company is putting us up at a Residence Inn until we can find an apartment. They're also trying to help us find one, which is nice. Adam is excited. The job is a mixture of things. He'll be a trader (as in stock), an assistant compliance officer, and apparently a website designer too! He'll have to explain the details if he wants to in another post.

I'm also very relieved. Not necessarily excited, since I had started to hope for the Ogden job he interviewed for. But this is a great opportunity. And I'm excited for Adam to be working in a job that he can get excited about. Definitely a step above Family History T.A., his BYU job for several semesters!

And since I can't help it, here are two pictures of Katrina from the last few days!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pants with zippers and buttons, hooray!

This is just a celebratory post to say that I fit into two pairs of my pre-pregnancy pants!

They actually are pants that Natasha gave me while she was losing so much weight, and they were a little big, but I gained weight when I went off of birth control, so they fit pretty well even before I got pregnant. I wore them up until 16 weeks when I bought maternity jeans. I'm very happy because I have lost almost 25 pounds already, just by eating well and nursing! Only ten pounds left until my weight right before I got pregnant. I know that sounds great, but I was extremely unhappy with my weight then since I was the heaviest I'd ever been. So for me, lots of work lies ahead. My goal is to be at the weight I was when I got married. I'm hoping to accomplish that in a year, which is very reasonable, I think. I've already changed my eating habits a lot, so the challenge will of course be to exercise regularly. Well, these days the challenge is to find time to eat at all, but I'm trying to do better, since I'm still "eating for two."

Also, Katrina slept great last night. Midnight-9:00 am, waking up at 3:30 and 7:30. She slept entirely in her bouncer, but she slept! I'm still super tired, but when am I not? :] I think I am going to try to get her used to her bassinet again, but I'll do that during the day, when I have much more patience.

Adam gets home tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Adam's gone for two more days and nights and it stinks. I had a horrible night last night and ended up sitting in the other room while the baby screamed in the bedroom for fifteen minutes because I couldn't handle it anymore and kind of hoped that she might cry herself to sleep and then I could finally get some myself. She sleeps wonderfully once she gets to sleep, but it takes forever. I only got her to sleep by putting her in her bouncer, since she's basically rejected her bassinet. Even then, I spent about an hour with my head at the foot of the bed, popping her pacifier back in her mouth every time it fell out, since she was wide awake and complained whenever it fell out. Most of the sleep I got was from nursing her in bed and falling asleep until she started to complain because she was sleeping flat on her back and apparently hates that. I even inclined the mattress in her bassinet but that didn't help. Then she would want to nurse more, so I would feed her more, fall asleep, wake up in half an hour or so . . . I finally got some uninterrupted sleep after she fell asleep in her bouncer at 5:30. I slept until 9:00. If Adam had been there, he would have been super grumpy and both of us would have had a horrible night's sleep, but at least I would have had some moral support and help dealing with her. Oh yeah, and she wants to eat every hour sometimes and eats forever, so I pretty much only nurse her these days. I think it's a growth spurt, but I get so tired of it.

The good thing is that Adam is gone for a job offer in Pennsylvania. They have already offered him the job and this trip is so he can see if he wants to accept it. He probably will. They're giving him all sorts of incentives and really want him there. His other job has been such a blessing and made it possible for me to not work very much while pregnant and not work at all now that the baby is here, but it can't support us in New Jersey, so he's been looking around.

Oh yeah, the last piece of my rant: If he takes this job, they want him there ASAP. So, instead of leaving here on May 31st like we planned, we would have to leave, oh, next week. Pack this week, and leave next week. Maybe it wouldn't be that soon, but it probably would be. I'm still kind of a postpartum wreck, and the thought of leaving all of my family here is only going to make me more so.

Here's a cute picture I took of Katrina this morning. She's much cuter and easier to deal with in the daytime, even when she screams all the time, like yesterday.