Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More pictures

Adam already put up a slideshow of pictures in place of our baby countdown, but we've been busy taking plenty more! She is just so darling.

As for me and Adam, he only has one final left and I have two. It's a weird feeling to be at the end of our college careers, possibly for good. His family comes into town tomorrow and graduation is the next two days. Then the baby blessing will be on Sunday. It's fortunate she was born early so that she'll be almost two weeks old when blessed. We were not sure whether to bless her in Utah or New Jersey, but now the decision was easy with both families in town.

Katrina is doing great, especially now that she's not under the bili-lights. That was a sad three days for mom and dad. The third night was the worst for her. None of us slept much after about 2:30 a.m. And she's gaining weight really well which is nice, since she had to go on formula for two days because my milk wasn't coming in and she had lost too much weight too fast. Sadly (and this is only for other moms who care), I'm having so much problems with soreness (which is an understatement!) and she's having such problems latching on after using bottles that I'm using a friend's pump for a few days and am on antibiotics. I'm seeing a lactation specialist in two days and I hope things get better.

She was so cute in her little swaddle blanket while on my lap that I had to take a picture!

This is my dad holding Katrina. He looks pretty smitten.

She is so absolutely miserable in this picture! We gave her her first bath and she hated it. But the snuggle towel we have to wrap her up in is way cute.

Adam is so wonderful with her. He's had so many hard finals and still gets up with me in the middle of the night to help me change her or to feed her a bottle while I pump. Last night he claimed all duties related to her so I could hopefully catch up on sleep. I can't emphasize enough what a fantastic guy I married!

And this is her in my boppy nursing pillow. Contrary to all these pictures, we do actually clothe her sometimes. :] But she had to spend the majority of three days naked with a diaper while under the bili-lights, so we ended up with lots of naked baby shots. She's too small for most of her clothes though.


Elise said...

That is one cute baby! LOVE the boppy picture.

erin said...

What a cute baby! We are so happy for you both! Let us know if you need anything (babysitter, someone to talk to, whatever)