Monday, March 3, 2008

What I Read

Since this is a blog about my life and my family, I thought I'd share what goes into my brain. We are all bombarded with information and we have to be pretty selective about what we actually read (and be even more selective about what we retain). I thought you might like to know what information I allow in, and thus shape the way I think.

  1. Greg Mankiew - An economics professor at Harvard. Very insightful, and occasionally entertaining (his is the only econ textbook I haven't fallen asleep reading).
  2. Joel Dehlin - The CIO of the LDS Church
  3. ldsWebGuy - The Chief web guy for the LDS Church
  4. FamilySearch Labs - What's new in the LDS Church's efforts in Family History
  5. Exchanges - The official blog of the NYSE

  1. LDS Tech - All things tech for the LDS church
  2. The Wall Street Journal
  3. SIFMA's SmartBrief - a daily e-mail letting me know what's happening in the securities industry.
Now that I have listed all the things I read everyday, I can't help but ask, "Do I ever get anything done, other than staying abreast of current events and opinions?" The answer? Probably not.

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