Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pregnant and Huge

I know my belly is huge, but I actually feel pretty cute. I only have 4.5 more weeks and generally feel pretty good. But still, when some ignorant single person who never sees pregnant bellies tells me it looks like I'm about to pop . . . beware. Advice to people: pregnant women are just the same as normal women. Meaning, you don't make comments about the size of their body, you don't touch their bellies just because it sticks out so far, and you especially don't call them names like "Fatso." All of those have happened to me.

Of course, it's slightly different if a close friend or family member does these things, but not always. Adam can touch my belly whenever he wants. If someone asks me first, I don't mind. I understand the desire to touch big round pregnant bellies. I did it to my friend Chelsea last time I saw her, then immediately thought, "Oops, here I am doing what I hate when other people do to me!" But anyway, people should just think about how it would feel to have their own bellies touched or their own weights commented on before they speak or act.

End of rant. :]

P.S. When the girl told me yesterday I looked like I was about to pop, I laughed while saying, "Oh, I hate hearing that!" She quickly apologized. So see, I am nice to people even if do sound hormonal and mean!

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Elise said...

So Tori, I got all excited when I first started reading this post because I thought, "Finally! I get to see a picture of the belly (and Tori)!".

Yeah. Way to dash those hopes to pieces. I'm pregnant and hormonal too, you know.