Thursday, February 28, 2008

My First Promo

I just finished my first piece of promotional literature. The small company I work for is attending a large conference that could greatly help our visibility, and so I drafted up a few handouts for it. Ultimately, the one shown below is the one that my boss accepted. All the wording is the same from our previous sales literature, but I tried made it visually appealing. I think it's pretty good for a first try. Let me know what you think in the comments (please).

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hospitals are never fun

Adam and I spent an exciting day yesterday at the urgent care center and at the hospital. On the plus side, there is nothing seriously wrong with me. On the other hand, because there is nothing seriously wrong with me, we wasted ten hours of our day and since I feel worse now, I think all of the stress of the testing and I.V.s and everything made me worse.

I haven't been able to breathe well the last couple of days and my heartbeat has stayed at a constant 120 bpm or higher. Combined with a fairly violent cough, I've been miserable since Thursday night. So we headed over to the urgent care center, got some tests, went to the hospital for more tests, and then went straight to the emergency room because one of the tests indicated I could have a blood clot. Over the next six hours I got an EKG, and cat scan, and had my baby monitored in labor and delivery. The majority of the time was just waiting. It was pretty miserable. Plus, I have small veins, so the technicians had a hard time finding them and my I.V. kept me in constant pain. Today my arms are both still red because I'm allergic to the adhesive they use. They finally sent me home with antibiotics in case my cold is actually an infection, but they didn't think so. I've been loading up on the Tylenol for my fever and sore throat and Sudafed. I have to be better enough to go to school tomorrow because I have to practice with an ensemble and perform four pieces of music for my music theory class.

Adam has taken really good care of me. I couldn't have made it through yesterday without him. Today my mom came over and stayed with me while he went to church. Not only did she help me out, but she cleaned our kitchen, our bathroom, and fixed the roast that I had thawed but didn't have any energy to take care of myself. I love having my mom live close by! She also brought me a gift: a cute baby outfit. It is mostly done and just needs the snaps put on. However, not only is it an outfit that she made herself, but it is the very first baby outfit she ever made! As in, she made it before Greg was born, and he is 38! She never finished it because the material is too thin for my dad's snap inserter to work, so now she is sewing the snaps in by hand. Plus, even though it is green it is a little girls outfit, and her first two children were boys. I'm really excited that our baby will be able to wear it. For Christmas, my mom gave me two of the blankets that were mine when I was a baby, one made by my Grandma and one by my aunt. It really means so much to me to have these sentimental things.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who's in the Kitchen?

It has finally happened. With a mother who loves to cook and a sister who attended Le Cordon Bleu, I have finally taken the leap of learning my way around the kitchen. What was the catalyst? My new chef's jacket and toque of course!

This last week during my days to cook, I've made a corn chowder from my Rachael Ray book (smelled great - tasted bland), an excellent (smelling and tasting) chicken parmigiana, and Tori's favorite coffee cake. I took my birthday gift certificate to Barnes and Noble and bought Alton Brown's I'm Just Here for the Food: Food + Heat = Cooking. I am very excited to be making new and tasty treats. I'll keep y'all posted on my new delicacies. It may not be much, but I had to start somewhere! :)